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  1. Hi there, Do you guys know of any good articles/books discussing RPG mechanics? By mechanics I mean experience, levelling, statistics, rewards, ... but most importantly how to keep all of this in balance. Fights shouldn't be impossible to win, but also not too easy, etc... So actually a more theoretical approach. I'm not really finding what I'm looking for, maybe it's not even out there Tnx in advance! M.
  2. Track & Field power/speed meter

    Captain P, In this case I mean a power meter that increases by tapping two keys in sequence very fast. The faster you tap them, the harder it gets to reach maximum power. I'm quite sure it can be done with some exponential function math stuff :) Just wondering if anybody already made something like this or whether someone has insight on how something ike this can be done. Tnx, M.
  3. Track & Field power/speed meter

    Does anyone have an idea how to program the logic of a power/speed meter for a game in the genre of Track & Field? Or maybe a link to an article on this topic? Tnx in advance, M.