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    Nintendo DS

    Umm where the crap did I try and list ALL the posibilities for its future??? I didn't! So how can you say that I'm underestimating the posiblities? I was simply giving two very simple examples of what it could do hoping that others would let their imaginations run free from there. IF you had read my post you would have seen that I was expounding on the posibilities of the stylus/touchscreen by comparing it to the usefulness of the mouse on a PC.
  2. TechnoHydra

    Nintendo DS

    A friend and I tried two DS's with a demo version of Metroid yesterday. Smooth as silk. 3D graphics were better than I expected. Cut scene movies were nice as well. Really looking foreward to working on this new platform. Touchscreen worked flawlessly and opens up oogles of options for future game designs. (Just think of RPG inventories and stat sheets to manipulate by stylus) Control was like that of a PC FPS. Foreward/Back/Strafe was with control pad, aiming/turning/jumping with stylus. Firing with Trigger button. Also I see the Black and White spell system being used. (IE drawing out spell runes with stylus to fire spells. Enjoy.
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