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  1. Torque 3D Now Available on GitHub

    The MMO Kit for Torque has released the T3D version of the kit for download as well, http://www.mmoworkshop.com/trac/mom/phpbb
  2. Thanks, Fixed it now it should work.
  3. The universe is on the verge of collapse and utter chaos. Throughout the unfolding saga of the Shattered Series Expect to meet interesting characters and strange beings. Expect to experience the freedom to roam and interact in an enormous world and then worlds on foot or by vehicle. Expect the ability to complete objectives and missions any way you choose. With Shattered Earth’s Single-Player campaign Expect to find a new level of playability with an enormous world loaded with quests and adventures. Then in Multi-Player experience a new level of cooperative play as you take to the streets and under-cities of the world of the Terran with team based warfare and tactics. Shattered Earth will be full of surprises, it will not be your typical "run and gun" fps, Expect to be surprised. [Edited by - jburch on August 15, 2007 12:46:30 PM]