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  1. i think its probebly best not to, only because im sure there will be a company that will be against it :) Thank you
  2. Thanks Apolymouse! To Gamedev... Apolymouse and I have decided to set up a community website for the Great model Giveaway! This will mean an easier experience and many more models, textures, SFX, and lots more. We will bring it to you very soon! Thanks again!
  3. Also thats another thing, feel free to post images with the models in your games in this topic, or you could PM me with pictures :)
  4. Thanks for that, looks really good there :)
  5. !!Another Great Model!! Decorative Sword, this model goes well with the shield i modeled earlier, perfect for MMO/RPG games! Once again, you can use this anywhere! COMPLETELY FREE!!! .RAR Archive .ZIP Archive Thank you, and hope you enjoy using these models!
  6. The modeling took about 3-5 minutes, the texture i found (real shield), BUT i re-drew the texture from scratch over the UV.
  7. Quote:Original post by __ODIN__ and a far better expenditure of your time and effort than 'that other tread' :) You mean my Help Wanted thread? Thats still going strong, just thought id improve my 3d skills and providing people with quality resources :)
  8. Sure, just post them like i have done in this thread, the more the better. :) just apply by the same rules, post in at least .obj, .3ds and another chosen format and archive them into a .rar and .zip and then post them here. Thanks, looking forward to seeing them!
  9. I will when i upload the next, silly ogre formats :/
  10. By popular request i will be attempting to bring you a character model with textures and animations for your games. It should be up by the end of the week.
  11. ANOTHER GREAT GIVEAWAY! Heres another, its an Ancient Shield, based on a concept i found on the net, enjoy! .RAR Archive .ZIP Archive [Edited by - Skulburn on September 15, 2007 4:15:45 AM]
  12. Forgot to mention, the above pack contains: -enterable house -enterable house -enterable shop (large) -enterable shop (small) -water fountain Thanks
  13. Village Pack heres another older set i did, its not textured but hey your getting it for free, if anyone does texture it please do post the textured version here as im sure many would like a textured version. .Rar Archive .Zip Archive Thanks for the comments, and feel free to use any of my posted models for free in which ever project, if you wish to pay for using them them PM me, and if you wish to join me and make more models together then also PM me. Thanks again!
  14. You can use on whatever you want, commercial or non-commercial, no royalties or charges, if you want to pay for them i will not stop you ;)
  15. The Great Model Giveaway! - What is the "The Great Model Giveaway"? Well, over the next few months i plan to model and give to you a model for free of charge, ranging from characters to crates, i will try my best to release one every couple of days however im rather busy at the moment. The first in line is a palm tree, great for testing purposes. (Under 500 polygons) .RAR Archive .ZIP Archive (Both contain .obj, .3ds and .max files) [Edited by - Skulburn on September 11, 2007 2:32:46 PM]
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