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  1. Hi braindigitalis, if you still have the original assets, why not release those? Everyone needs free art/audio assets :) Alternatively, why not recode the game in a language .NET and release that? I imagine that would help the community more than Pascal code... Cheers Kurt
  2. Hey svarvi, can you give us any more details regarding the algorithms you're using now? It just so happens that I wrote a cricket game a year or two back (used to be called Live Cricket, now called Cricket Heroes). I can't release the source code (still working on releasing it commercially), but I can try to help out where I can. Cheers Kurt
  3. kurtkz

    Project Euler

    What a coincidence! I've recently started a new job and apparently the interviewers told my boss I was some hotshot developer (no idea where they got that idea from). Anyhoo, he decided to test me and gave me problem #237 (the rook tour thingy) from Project Euler to complete. I did it, he was thoroughly impressed and is now very nice to me :P Kurt
  4. kurtkz

    What did you learn in school?

    I suppose I was lucky to land the job I did, but I make extensive use of the theoretical stuff I learned while at university. My day usually consists of implementing either bayesian network algorithms, vision processing or integrating these backends with pretty GUIs :P That being said, a few of my friends from varsity are doing database coding for larger firms and they put their database background to good use. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it depends on the type of company in question, but in most cases you will find uses for the theory that you learn while studying. That isn't to say, however, that you need to be taught by lecturers - I did most of my learning by myself at varsity.
  5. kurtkz

    Diet Pills

    If you're looking for a healthy, natural alternative to commercial diet pills you should try to find a supplier of hoodia plants in the States. The San have been using it here in South Africa for centuries and it's medicinal benefits have been well documented. The plant itself looks like a tiny cactus and can be used raw in salads, but a few companies down here have been selling it in capsule form. Cheers Kurt
  6. kurtkz

    Best/Classic "one-liner" from hit titles...

    Hail to the King, baby :) (10 points to the first person who spots the reference)
  7. kurtkz

    How big are you?

    1.7m, around 80kg (I do plenty of heavy weightlifting). Trying to bulk up to 85/90kg even though my girlfriend swears she'll dump me at that weight :P
  8. kurtkz

    Dynamic Bayesian Networks Book

    Sorry to hijack this thread but it grabbed my attention instantly :) @Timkin: Where and what kind of research are you doing on Dynamic BN's? My colleague at work is doing his PhD thesis on applying DBN's to massive (huuuuge) datasets. Also our company currently uses static and dynamic BN's in the software we write ( In fact, our boss, Dr Anet Potgieter has several patents on agent-based BN's... Look forward to hearing from you :) Kurt
  9. kurtkz

    Magic: The Gathering

    No offence, Edtharan, but those "thematic" qualities are a thread that runs throughout the MtG card-revision histroy. I started playing just after the 1st edition was released and it seems like the maxims that held true back then still apply today (haven't played in about 8 years). Having said that, the MtG community is still fairly strong in South Africa...mmm...although that may just be because we're still a backwards :P Cheers Kurt
  10. kurtkz

    GeoJelly :)

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on gamedev so please bare with me :) I was working on a 2D/3D game engine for the last few months and decided it was time to actually try to do something with it...and this is what I came up with. A side-scrolling shooter with jellies :) Currently, the features are: GAME PLAY MECHANICS: -------------------- [.] Tumiki fighters ship aggregation [.] bullet skirting -> greater firepower & speed -> can destroy bullets [.] combo multiplier system FEATURES: --------- [.] rigid bodies (fake jelly) [.] exact collision detection [.] triggers [.] object editor [.] level editor [.] background editor Videos: movie1 movie2 Screenshot: If anyone is interested, please PM me and I'll try to put up a download link. Cheers Kurt PS. Yes - I know - the backgrounds are ripped from Super Mario SNES...I'm working on getting someone to redo them for me... [Edited by - kurtkz on August 17, 2007 7:08:25 AM]
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