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  1. Hip? Hip-Hop? Hip-Hop-Anonymous? DAMN YOU! You gave him all the easy ones!
  2. Hello all, If you could take two minutes out of your time to fill out the questionnaire below I would be most humbled. It is important to me that I get the best possible responses, thus I have posted my questionnaire here because of your fantastic community. Thank you in advance.  Questionnaire! Regards, Ian Thompson
  3. As police officers from 12 different forces rush into London isolated incidents pop up in Bristol, Liverpool and Birmingham. All the worlds news are now on us. Random acts of violence against people are increasing and hospitals are experiencing an influx of injured.
  4. Hm, what do I think? This is the 3rd night, and by no means the last unless the government let the police or indeed the army off their leads but don't think we can wait for this Cobra emergency meeting. The last riot of such nature was in 1985, it ended with the death and mutilation of a police officer, his head was paraded around on a pole. A fatality will happen, if it hasn't already. (note: LBC have the best updates.)
  5. Robin Young + Physics Based Puzzles = Funny Shit
  6. Damn steam sale.... First the Xmas sale, now a summer sale.... 88 games and counting.
  7. Slow progress but progress none the less.
  8. God I love having the Sugar Gliders out.... Funny farkers.
  9. hmm to frape or not to frape..... mehhh too tired...
  10. Feels lighter some how...
  11. is throwing his guts up
  12. Thanks to the people that made my weekend one to remember even though there are parts I don't.
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