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  1. monkey8751

    What is this?

    Pretty sure that's a time machine.
  2. monkey8751

    More wacky dream adventurers

    You should have taken the shot.
  3. monkey8751

    If you could see any movie made into a video game

    Black Dynamite
  4. monkey8751

    Survey: What do you think about the Bible?

    You are making the questionable assumption that stopping that earth quake is what is best for the whole. Let's just go on a solar system scale. If you knew that causing that earthquake would result in the eventual creation of a technology that would stop the sun from expanding to envelope the earth or the technology to be able to evacuate the earth when that happens, would you cause the earthquake or would you let humanity as a whole die? It's kind of like the, "would you kill baby Hitler?" question. Sure you killed Hitler and saved millions of people, but now to the rest of the world you are a baby killing psychopath. On a more realistic human scale I bet you have walked down the street in a city and been asked at one point or another if you had any change by a homeless person. If you did not give them change are you an asshole? You are letting them suffer and potentially die after all. What if you could give all of those people change every time they ask or you could donate the entire sum to a homeless shelter that would benefit all of them more than giving each individual a small amount of change? There's also something to be said for God probably not viewing death the same as we do. We view death very negatively (at least most cultures do). I believe it to be more of a welcome home from God's perspective. A life of suffering is also a blink of the eye when measured against an eternity of bliss. [/quote] I don't have unlimited money to give to the homeless. I'm not a god. If I was I would stop the earthquake because I'm a god. Even if it would stop them from creating a technology to evacuate the earth. Because I'd still be a god and I could stop the sun from expanding. Why would I stop an earthquake but not stop the sun from expanding and destroying the earth?
  5. monkey8751

    Survey: What do you think about the Bible?

    How would you make everyone happy without violating free will or making other people upset? How would you balance who gets to be most happy or less happy? Would you be truly happy if you knew you had no control over your life? It is best to look at God as a parent. Parents love their children, but we've all seen what can happen when parents try to make their children happy all the time. [/quote] Ok God is a shitty parent then. Parents who love their children don't let them suffer or starve or kill each other. You could ask any parent in Japan right now that lost a child in the earthquake if they had the power to stop the earthquake would they have and I guarantee they will say yes. God has the power to create a universe but can't stop an earthquake? If you're this supreme perfect being why create a world that has earthquakes in the first place. Really if you're an all powerful being that has always existed why create humans? Why would you create a creature that is lesser than you and give it feelings and urges and then tell it if it doesn't keep those feelings and urges under control then they will suffer for eternity. But on the other hand if you worship me and kiss my ass you can go to heaven. It's like a game. If a human did that to other humans they would be called a psychopath. Seems like a waste of time to worship something that might not exist or if it does exist there's a lot of evidence that shows it really doesn't care.
  6. monkey8751

    Survey: What do you think about the Bible?

    If there is a god he's an asshole. If you had the power to do anything and loved everyone wouldn't you just make everyone happy all the time?
  7. monkey8751

    Survey: What do you think about the Bible?

    Google "age of accountability" [/quote] So once a kid knows God and knows what sin is then they can go to hell for their sins? Is that right? Wouldn't it be better then if people killed their babies immediately? That would guarantee the baby getting into heaven. This seems like a pretty big loophole. We would all have a better chance of getting into heaven if none of us knew what sin was or about God.
  8. monkey8751

    Survey: What do you think about the Bible?

    Where do babies go when they die? They don't believe in god.
  9. monkey8751

    Spilt Cola on PC

    You should probably get more soda.
  10. monkey8751

    Help me plan 3 jars puzzle

    One of the jars should probably be poison. Most people will just take a small taste to figure out which one is sugar. They won't if they know it might kill them though.
  11. monkey8751

    Santa Claus is in Hungary!

    Santa is drunk and has lost his pants again.
  12. monkey8751

    SCOTUS Takes Up Violent Video Games Case

    Quote:Original post by MarkS Moreover, what child takes themselves to a fast food restaurant? Seriously? From the earliest age, they are taken to the restaurant. It wouldn't even cross the mind of most children to go alone and in many cases, wouldn't be possible. What child takes themselves to a video game store?
  13. monkey8751

    SCOTUS Takes Up Violent Video Games Case

    Quote:Original post by MarkS Quote:Original post by monkey8751 Why don't kids have to be accompanied by an adult to buy fast food? Most of that stuff is awful for you. Huh? I don't even know how to reply... You might as well have used a Nazi analogy; both are equally removed from the topic at hand. What is your point? Sorry I wasn't being serious. I don't really think they should do that. The point I was trying to make is that they are trying to ban the sale of mature games to a minor because it could be harmful to them. A kid eating enough double cheeseburgers with bacon could be harmful to them also. Why ban one and not the other?
  14. monkey8751

    SCOTUS Takes Up Violent Video Games Case

    Why don't kids have to be accompanied by an adult to buy fast food? Most of that stuff is awful for you.
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