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  1. michalbb1

    OpenGL 3.3+ Tutorials

    Hi Marek, I know your webpage btw. :) You should maybe post an article about it, so that no one misses it (it might get lost here inside the comments plus I think it's pretty useful thing to do), but what I wanted to say is that some time ago I was playing with my own Batch Renderer class. It had exact same functions like old OpenGL (glVertex3f, glTexCoord2f etc.) ant internally it stored stuff in a vector.   First version was just buffering data into vector and when user called glEnd(), the data got uploaded and rendered. However, constant uploading of all buffers was a little slow, so then I was just thinking of creating separate buffers for every glBegin() and glEnd() pair, and as long as the data inside are not changed (by doing checksum for example), I didn't want to reupload. However, the I never programmed the latter part :D
  2. michalbb1

    OpenGL 3.3+ Tutorials

    That's true - older tutorials are a bit outdated and they definitely need a little revision. There are still some mistakes reported older tutorials, that I haven't revised yet, so there is still a lot of work to do. But if people out there read comments, they should figure a better way anyways.   Some tutorials (namely font tutorial) are really uneffective. Instead of just upgrading Font Tutorial number 9 I will rather create a tutorial called something like Freetype Fonts: Reloaded :D I mean, anytime someone suggests a major upgrade to tutorial (in case of fonts it's one big texture with all letters), I'd rather remake whole tutorial instead. This tutorial may have some antialiasing as well :)   I will try to keep up the good work, and I must say I am no OpenGL guru, I learn many things on the fly, while writing tutorials. So sometimes I find / someone suggests in comments a better way to do something, but if these tutorials can be upgraded with community contribution, I will gladly do it :)
  3. michalbb1

    OpenGL 3.3+ Tutorials

    Thank you all very much for your kind feedback :)   And luorax - I have in my mind plans for making tutorials generally on effects. By effects I mean things like how to create a realistic looking lightning bolt, exactly as you said BEAMS, then some cool explosions and so on. I know that there isn't a single compiled tutorial for this kind of thing, and that's sad. But I can hint you where to find the knowledge - I would look to some released codes from ID software, like Return To Castle Woflenstein (there's Tesla Gun, creating a pretty nice lightning), or Doom 3 (Beam can be found somewhere by the Grabber gun, Grabber is Doom 3's expansion Ressurection Of Evil). I would draw an inspiration from there.   But I will do it in the future. Currently, my next tutorial is going to be bump mapping and then shadows. These things still belong to pretty basics and after that, I will have all the basics required for a decent looking graphics covered.   However, these tutorials are only like my hobby, so I don't dedicate all my time to them. But I really enjoy doing them and if that could earn me living somehow, I would definitely like to write such stuff everyday :)
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