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  1. C or C++ or C#

    Sorry everyone I didn't mean for this to happen, I did read through all your posts and learned about a few things. Thank you everyone for posting, I do believe I have recieved my anwser through a few various posts. I'll be sure to post soon again at GD with another problem probably after I have progressed a bit, Thanks again.
  2. C or C++ or C#

    Okay from what I have read, and thank EVERYONE that has replied for their replys again I really appreciate your time. I should learn C# for the time being because it is the easiest language to start out with, then move on to C++ for game dev, and knowing some C would be good on the side. What would be the preferred C# compiler? Should I start learning C# from the workshop you guys have here ? Thanks in advanced again.
  3. C or C++ or C#

    I am stuck trying to decide, originally I was only deciding between C or C++ but now theres C# and I'm not sure what to do. If at all possible I'd like to know pros and cons of each and whcih you would suggest to learn coding for an ALL AROUND programmer, not just for gaming but may be part in gaming. Thanks in advanced.
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