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    What category of history does ancient egypt fall under...

    LOL I don't dispute that. "American history is American history" just as "Egyptian history is Egyptian history". Using American history as an example, there are certain parts of the history that exclude certain groups. You wouldn't say that Christopher Columbus sailing to America and murdering the Indians is black or African history. But it could be called European or white history. Black history in America comes later. I asked a simple question about Ancient Egypt analogous to the Christopher Columbus example above. Maybe you should reread what I asked.
  2. OneThreeThreeSeven

    Debate me about the bible

    There is no god...especially not a blond hair blue eyes jesus. Europe simply twisted ancient Egyptian stories and lore and changed it into the bible. Google "ancient egypt and the bible parallels".
  3. ...before arabs/European invasions. Incase anyone didn't know, I'm a huge history buff but this has been bugging me.
  4. Tell me you didn't rate me down over a joke.
  5. OneThreeThreeSeven

    Do white people lack culture and confidence?

    WHOA. Hey man, there's no reason to insult native Americans or black people. And also, it seems like you're saying that whites have a culture of destroying culture and communities not like theirs... I will not put that in my research paper. You are incredibly racist sir.
  6. OneThreeThreeSeven

    Do white people lack culture and confidence?

    For my sociology class, I plan to study white people. [size="+1"]A huge problem for white people is lack of intellectual and cultural confidence. Hsu quotes Christian (Stuff White People Like) Lander saying, "I get it: as a straight white male, I'm the worst thing on Earth." A professor comments that for his students "to be white is to be culturally broke. The classic thing white students say when you ask them to talk about who they are is, `I don't have a culture.' They might be privileged, they might be loaded socioeconomically, but they feel bankrupt when it comes to culture They feel disadvantaged, and they feel marginalized." [size="+1"]This lack of cultural confidence is no accident. For nearly 100 years whites have been subjected to a culture of critique emanating from the most prestigious academic and media institutions. And, as Hsu points out, the most vibrant and influential aspect of American popular culture is hip-hop-a product of the African American urban culture.[/quote] Who agrees w/ this quote? I plan to write a research paper on the subject because I find it extremely interesting. I am trying to find if anything can be defined as "white culture"? If anyone has any opinions on the matter, please speak because I would like some input and perspective from white individuals.
  7. OneThreeThreeSeven

    What is humanity going to do about race?

    Nono, Ghandi, for example, had the right approach. He achieved real and lasting change without violence. [/quote] Ghandi was a racist who didn't give a damn about black people...the typical Indian.
  8. OneThreeThreeSeven

    What is humanity going to do about race?

    That was by far the stupidest thing ever posted on this board. [/quote] How is it stupid? In this day and age, why would someone choose to breed with someone of a different race? It's ignorance and brainwashing by the media because there's so much info out there (IF YOU READ) that gives good reasons for why you shouldn't go interracial. As a matter of fact, I saw this thing on television where this native American guy was married to a white woman and I thought to myself "Man this guy is an idiot. If he had ANY REAL idea what Europeans did to his people, he wouldn't be dating that woman". When the Spainiards met the Native Americans, they went crazy. They chopped people heads off, cut off womens breasts and they used them as play things...that's where soccer and baseball came from. And now a few hundred years later, this clown is on tv w/ a damn blond headed Spaniard on his arm. It's BULLSHIT!!!!
  9. OneThreeThreeSeven

    What is humanity going to do about race?

    People who have mixed race kids are screwed up. It's just not right man. The kids will never be able to pick one side of themselves over the other. So when they get called "Oreo" by blacks and "nigger" by whites, what are they going to do?
  10. OneThreeThreeSeven

    What is humanity going to do about race?

    If you use violence to change a violently established system then you become like the system you wanted to change. Change can also come about peacefully and constructively. I think it would be best to minimize violent change and change things peacefully for the better as much as possible. BTW, I disagree with racist views like the ones you exhibit in your post. Race is a negligable factor in determining behaviour. Culture on the other hand, including its attitudes towards race, is a big issue. [/quote] lol I don't argue that race is a factor in someones behavior if you're talking about genetic factors. But as long as there is one race that holds a large portion of wealth then there will be inequality for any other race. In some small parts of South Africa for example, there are black people that make up the top tier of their communities and (big surprise) the poor whites that can't find jobs blame racist blacks for not hiring whites at the same rate they hire each other. And yes, real change only comes through violence. Nat Turner had the right approach.
  11. OneThreeThreeSeven

    What is humanity going to do about race?

    Multiculturalism is a lie, let’s face it. People tolerate each other but they do not fully integrate. But for some reason that’s all you see on American TV…everyone integrated and having a good time and where does that happen in real life except for the occasional uncle tom black guy w/ a group of whites or the occasional white female w/ a group of black males? You want me to tell you the real reason for most of the social problems in the world? It’s RACE. Blacks people problems come from white people and also vice versa. But the problems of both races are different in that black people are oppressed by whites and whites are under pressure to keep their lead over everyone else. British went around the world murdering people, stealing land when it wasn’t willfully sold to them, selling dope, every criminal act you can think of to get WEALTH. That’s how Britain rose to power and now modern day whites want to talk about love, peace, and harmony and how we should all just get along. And also, I’m not saying there are not poor white people in the world because that’s a complete lie…but their problems most likely come from their own laziness and not their skin color. So when are the race riots going to happen? It will ultimately take violence for the laws of power to change. That’s how power was gotten in the first place. Discuss.
  12. OneThreeThreeSeven

    Antihydrogen Trapped For 1000 Seconds

    How am I a spambot for agreeing that some people have insightful posts? Get off my nutz TRICK!
  13. OneThreeThreeSeven

    Synchronizing Multiplayer Startup?

    You will not be able to perfectly sync the devices. But it doesn't matter -- all that matters is that both devices show the same events happening in the same order. Thus, you should have a notion of "global game time," and make sure that all events are ordered based on this global game time. Each game instance will then try to match global game time to its local time, but exactly what that match is will differ for different clients, based on latencies and whatnot. [/quote] Yes I agree. You have a very insightful post my friend.
  14. OneThreeThreeSeven

    Antihydrogen Trapped For 1000 Seconds

    It's primarily about child prostitution man. As you know, I was raped for years as a child, and I have also personally witnessed many child prostitutes wobbly in the legs because they're hammered on Listerine. It's no joke man that this country is fucked up, and Lee Smolin & Peter Woit's lies are very much to blame for the government's money being squandered on the Perimeter Institute rather than being put toward actual social progress. Even then, when I worked as a Level 9 public servant programmer for the Government of Saskatchewan, nearly half of my $4800/month pay was deducted as federal taxes & employment insurance. That in and of itself gives me the right to take all of this very personally, because that money was effectively put right into Lee Smolin's pocket. Given this, it should be no shock to anyone that my career switch to garbageman is nothing but an act of civil disobedience -- I pay peanuts in terms of federal tax now. Plus I vehemently hate liars. [/quote] Yes I agree. You have a very insightful post my friend.
  15. OneThreeThreeSeven

    Antihydrogen Trapped For 1000 Seconds

    Yes I agree. You have a very insightful post my friend.
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