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  1. Ok, so I've not been around for quite a while, but I do know quite a bit about programming. I also now have a design document and clear goal of the game I want to make, the first question I have is: what API/Library/Engine should I be looking at to leverage for developing this? Here is a summary of the game design: Its a space fighter tactical team game in the style of the old X-wings/Tie Fighter (think gouraud shaded 486 gaming ). The game will focus heavily on team play, with each player in charge of their fighter and one to three "wingman" which make up their support and say 4 to 8 of these groups per side. These are short-range craft, so they are always fighting in dense nests of much larger starships (like the fight for the deathstar as an example). This creates a dense field of slow moving objects to use tactically. Now back to the question at hand. I know visually I need a few things: pretty skybox for stars, good model rendering for the ships, particle effects for the weapon fire, and a nice HUD overlay for the cockpit. Since I don't actually need a terrain, that takes some load of the engine needs. Network code is the nitty-gritty though, as I don't see myself wanting to write all that. Though I may be hard pressed to find an engine that sports a central server style, dunno. My target audience is mature gamers, so I'm thinking at the moment I'm aiming for a Windows PC release. Since I am out of the loop a bit and having done any dev in more than a couple years, what APIs/Libraries/Engines should I be looking at? Most of the ones I see stickied in the forum are for FPS and have a lot of terrain features that I don't need.
  2. What are you working on?

    Three major things underway here, and they will get done if I can stay focused! Alexandria is very nearly complete and needs testing, the others are underway. [b]Alexandria[/b], a set of Java libraries: (more details can be located by following the tech.wishray.com link in my sig) [list][*]Simple [u]Sound[/u] Support (SPI, java.sound.sampled based, called Copernicus)[*]Simplified OpenGL 2D [u]Video[/u] (JOGL based, called Galileo)[*]Basic [u]Networking[/u] (derived from Jexxus, called Kepler).[/list] [b]HiPOW[/b], a Hashcash inspired Proof of Work system for the network library above, which is for the game below: [b]Starlok[/b], a game not unlike minecraft in space, where you hack an alien network and use their society as your play thing - really a 2d strategy meets sandbox meets Elite kind of deal.
  3. [java] JOGL and or OpenGL

    This is an OpenGL question and not really a Java one, but I'll bite, You should really read: [url="http://www.opengl.org/resources/faq/technical/viewing.htm"]http://www.opengl.or...cal/viewing.htm[/url] That said, you have to input an up vector so that gluLookAt can determine the rotation of the camera. You should be doing something like this: [code] gl.glMatrixMode(GL2.GL_PROJECTION); gl.glLoadIdentity(); gl.gluPerspective(60.0f, Aspect, 0.1f, 5.0f); gl.glMatrixMode(GL2.GL_MODELVIEW); gl.glLoadIdentity(); gl.gluLooktAt(0.0f, 0.0f, 2.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f); [/code] That should setup your matrixes as you are trying to do.
  4. [quote name='LizardGamer' timestamp='1309425526' post='4829465'] Anyone had experience with JRuby, Jython, Luaj (Or another Lua implentation), Groovy or any other one? [/quote] I've only used Groovy, which is why I mentioned it. It has simple and robust embedding support, and is a snap to pick up considering you already know Java.
  5. Groovy is a no-brainer here, IMO, google it out.
  6. Its good to see people are actually about! Maybe we could use a thread here too to let people show off their works in progress? I know it would inspire me since all I'm doing at the moment is writing mountains of foundation code.
  7. Connecting LAN to seperate rooms

    No reason it shouldn't, your internet shouldn't be any faster than a wireless G network connection anyway (and probably not faster than a B ). So the internet connection speed in this case will be the limiting factor in bandwidth for streaming netflix.
  8. Connecting LAN to seperate rooms

    What you want is an access point acting as a bridge between the ethernet containing (only) the sony bluray player and the wireless network at large. Something like this should work, though you may have to jump through some hoops to configure it: [url="http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833704048"]TP-LINK Cheap Access Point / Bridge[/url]. The device you linked is probably the same thing, just branded for a certain use, dunno.
  9. I don't think any modern OS actually works with time slices as small as you may need here, and I bet if you changed the sleep() call to a wait loop it will work. It'll eat CPU, but it will work. I'd test that first, and post a reply if that doesn't work.
  10. Right, you say Graphics2D, so I assume 2D here. Well this isn't a complex issue at all, depending on how you are implementing your map (array tilemap maybe?). You simply need to deal with the idea of a moving origin for your viewport, and project the map's space into viewport coords before drawing the object. Is there going to be zoom? If so then we need to deal with scaling, or possibly ignore it. First though, tell me more about your map and I can show you can sample code.
  11. Ok I finally have a release worthy class library here with full Javadoc. You can grab it here: [url="http://tech.wishray.com/online/archives/6"]Copernicus RC1 Summary[/url] In short, its pure Java and uses the SPI to provide format support. Its KISS in nature, and plays sounds in threads using ThreadExecutor style. A simple example of usage: The online Javadoc for perusing: [url="http://tech.wishray.com/gamedev/alexandria/copernicus_RC1/javadoc/"]Copernicus RC1 Javadoc[/url] [code]Sound clip = new Sound(); clip.LoadNow("duel.ape"); clip.Play(); [/code] [code]// Simple SoundBank class test, load dir and play sound SoundBank Bank = new SoundBank(); Bank.ReadNow("bankb"); int index = Bank.get("bank/duel1.aiff"); Bank.PlayThread(index,0.4f,-1.0f); Thread.sleep(3000); Bank.PlayThread(index,0.4f,1.0f); Thread.sleep(3000); Bank.PlayThread(index,0.6f,0.0f); Thread.sleep(10000); // kill all playing sounds NeptuneCore.KillAll(); // shutdown the systemNeptuneCore.Shutdown();[/code] The latter loads a set of sounds from a directory (or .zip, transparently) and then plays them in threads, finally killing all and shutting down. Any input/testing is welcome, and donations too (via the summary page).
  12. Actually on second thought, the answer to this seems quite obvious. Java has probably the largest support base publicly searchable and accessible online, and I bet the majority of posts that would be made here are being easily answered with a google search. Well, that is my 2 cents anyway :) *gets back to Java coding* :)
  13. *whew* I thought I was the only one that noticed how empty it is in here. CoryG89, I second most of what you are saying and agree. I've recently started working with Java for game development and am putzing about the language, doing my thing at my pace. However I have been working, with no small measure of dedication, on a couple class libraries for Java games. They are almost ready to post up here, once I get the docs totally sorted out. I've got two at the moment: a JOGL 2d library that smooths out everything needed for 2d OpenGL Java development, and a simple sound engine entirely in Java for many common sound formats like ogg, mp3, ape, and so on. When they appear they will appear posted in here, for what its worth. framdall, that site looks good, thanks for sharing!
  14. Report Progress

    I'm in crunch mode, so its about a 50/50 chance of an entry being ready on time. I just wish I had gotten started sooner, which would have made this much easier :) In total I think I wasted almost two months forming an idea, which is costly.
  15. Effect animation management

    This sounds perfect for embedded scripting with a simple language. The only question then would be which language and how to handle the way its linked into the game application.