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  1. Thanks for your reply, Jason - much appreciated. :)
  2. Hi gamedev community,   I have been asked to implement a method by which a single depth value can be sampled from the depth information of a g-buffer (deferred renderer using a 32-bit floating point texture storing viewspace depth) and then this floating point value returned to system memory for storage and use in calculations on the CPU.   For example, I would like to query the centre of the screen (effectively obtaining a depth value from the centre of the depth buffer) and then pass this back to the CPU / system memory. Sadly the depth buffer is the only source of depth information I have available to query for this particular application hence the need to pull values from it rather than elsewhere.   I am limited to using DirectX9 feature set, HLSL and Shader Model 3.0.   I am looking for suggestions as to how I might achieve this. I would suspect that I have to ultimately make use of the GetRenderTargetData function at some point and suffer the inherent GPU stalls that this results in. Any other ideas or things I may have missed?   Thanks in advance for your time.   p.s. I guess I'm basically looking for a view ray->scene intersection test that returns the first hit depth value whereby the only depth information I have available is that in the g-buffer. I hope that makes sense...
  3. As already mentioned, this looks extremely interesting... if you could provide some code/implementation sample material then please do.
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