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    I Made an Equation but I Cannot Solve It

    Length ^ 2 ( Tp + (Tv * t) + ((1 / 2) * Ta * (t ^ 2)) - Bp) - (Bs^2 * (t ^ 2)) = 0 ------------------------------- (Tpx + (Tvx * t) + ((1/2) * Tax * t^2) - Bpx) ^ 2 + (Tpy + (Tvy * t) + ((1/2) * Tay * t^2) - Bpy) ^ 2 + (Tpz + (Tvz * t) + ((1/2) * Taz * t^2) - Bpz) ^ 2 - (Bs^2 * t^2) = 0 ------------------------------- Tpx^2 + (Tvx^2 * t^2) + ((1/4) * Tax^2 * t^4) - Bpx^2 + (2 * Tpx * Tvx * t) + (Tpx * Tax * t^2) - (2 * Tpx * Bpx) + (Tvx * Tax * t^3) - (2 * Tvx * Bpx * t) - (Tax * Bpx * t^2) + Tpy^2 + (Tvy^2 * t^2) + ((1/4) * Tay^2 * t^4) - Bpy^2 + (2 * Tpy * Tvy * t) + (Tpy * Tay * t^2) - (2 * Tpy * Bpy) + (Tvy * Tay * t^3) - (2 * Tvy * Bpy * t) - (Tay * Bpy * t^2) + Tpz^2 + (Tvz^2 * t^2) + ((1/4) * Taz^2 * t^4) - Bpz^2 + (2 * Tpz * Tvz * t) + (Tpz * Taz * t^2) - (2 * Tpz * Bpz) + (Tvz * Taz * t^3) - (2 * Tvz * Bpz * t) - (Taz * Bpz * t^2) - (Bs^2 * t^2) = 0 ------------------------------- ((1/4) * (Tax^2 + Tay^2 + Taz^2) * t^4) + (((Tvx * Tax) + (Tvy * Tay) + (Tvz * Taz)) * t^3) + ((Tvx^2 + Tvy^2 + Tvz^2 + (Tpx * Tax) + (Tpy * Tay) + (Tpz * Taz) - (Tax * Bpx) - (Tay * Bpy) - (Taz * Bpz) - Bs^2) * t^2) + (2 * ((Tpx * Tvx) + (Tpy * Tvy) + (Tpz * Tvz) - (Tvx * Bpx) - (Tvy * Bpy) - (Tvz * Bpz)) * t) + Tpx^2 + Tpy^2 + Tpz^2 - Bpx^2 - Bpy^2 - Bpz^2 - (2 * ((Tpx * Bpx) + (Tpy * Bpy) + (Tpz * Bpz))) = 0 ------------------------------- Wich is of the form A * t^4 + B * t^3 + C * t^2 + D * t + F = 0 (1) (using F instead of E on porpuese just to avoid getting it confused with Euler's number) Having: A = (1/4) * (Tax^2 + Tay^2 + Taz^2) B = (Tvx * Tax) + (Tvy * tay) + (Tvz * Taz) C = Tvx^2 + Tvy^2 + Tvz^2 + (Tpx * Tax) + (Tpy * Tay) + (Tpz * Taz) - (Tax * Bpx) - (Tay * Bpy) - (Taz * Bpz) - Bs^2 D = 2 * ((Tpx * Tvx) + (Tpy * Tvy) + (Tpz * Tvz) - (Tvx * Bpx) - (Tvy * Bpy) - (Tvz * Bpz)) F = Tpx^2 + Tpy^2 + Tpz^2 - Bpx^2 - Bpy^2 - Bpz^2 - (2 * ((Tpx * Bpx) + (Tpy * Bpy) + (Tpz * Bpz))) Now I put the equation (1) on an oline solver in: http://www.quickmath.com/webMathematica3/quickmath/page.jsp?s1=equations&s2=solve&s3=basic and solved it for t, but the results are just obscene. You'll have to replace and maybe simplify if possible. I have no time to that now. You'll have to take wathever result is real and positive, if none is then the bullet can't reach the target.
  2. ZaHgO

    I Made an Equation but I Cannot Solve It

    I found this link: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/QuarticEquation.html but currently I have no time to solve it, maybe tonight, if no one else has by then.
  3. 1.- A wheel it'just like any other joystick, so use direct input or whatever other library you want for collecting input. 2.- If you think about it every joystick has an auto centering behavior and most games don't make you run backwards when you just stop pressing the stick, while it restores to the center.
  4. The files usually comes with the compiler, check your compiler folder.
  5. ZaHgO

    Gameplay of puzzle

    I'm not sure, but to me it looks like a NAK message transmission.
  6. ZaHgO

    Why is it fun to be evil?

    Does the villian need to be evil? I think this is done just to make you feel good about defeating him. Well I could post a lot of ideas, but that would answer the original question, wich I'm answering with another question: Why there is people that enjoy playing a game cheating? There will always be people that try to get the things the easy way. Besides what makes you think there is no evil people in the real word. Do you need to do evil things to be evil? Or is it enough with just thinking them? I can assure you that if the law wouldn't punish stealing there would be a lot more people doing it. Same thing with murder and other crimes and felonies. A lot of people don't do bad things not because those thins are bad, they don't do it because they fear the consecuences they could face.So in my opinion those people are also bad, just they aren't brave enough to manifest it. So, Why is it fun to be evil? Sometimes they enjoy destroying things, cause it reduces stress. Sometimes they like trying thing they don't on real life. Sometimes they are just evil. Take note that playing an evil character is not the same as enjoying being evil. EDIT: Quote:Original post by Kest 4. Unlike the good side, evil doesn't need a tragedy in order to set a goal. It just does whatever it wants, whenever it wants, to further itself, while the heroes are all waiting for something to go wrong so they'll have something to do. Normally good guys would enjoy just living in peace, with his family and friends, just that those goals are not much like making RPGs that's why usually heroes needs some tragedy to take them apart of those things he loves. If that tragedy won't happen our heroe would just stay at home and thus making a not very interesting game.
  7. ZaHgO

    Not becoming a super hero

    Bug him with tons of fans. Make them annoying fans. NPC's that you need to talk to that otherwise would be a fast conversation, takes longer as they are concerned with him being in front of the hero rather than attending what the hero is asking. Maybe they only help you after giving him an autograph or taking a picture.
  8. ZaHgO

    Perplexed By What Seems Simple

    Quote:Original post by Palidine trying to try gameplay before you buy is impossible. Funny that reminds me a time when you could get in magazine or download a demo of the game wich usually consisted in the first stage or part of it. That isn't a common sight nowadays.
  9. ZaHgO

    char array null terminator

    Quote:Original post by Calin I was wandering if that's what he's talking about. Quote:they don't check you're writting in they space rephrase please Some compilers lets you go with this: char s[10]; s[12] = 'x'; where you're writting beyond the space of memory assigned to the array, that can cause the program to crash or corrupt some data, maybe nothing happens, that depends on what was previously on that space. EDIT: for further information about why array are 'evil' check this page: http://www.parashift.com/c++-faq-lite/containers.html#faq-34.1
  10. ZaHgO

    char array null terminator

    Quote:Original post by CalinIs this C++ char? A C++ char array. In general you'll find that people says that arrays are evil, cause they don't check you're writting in they space an many other reasons, they are telling you to use a higher-level type such as std::string instead of char[].
  11. ZaHgO

    char array null terminator

    I don't know who invented it, but at least in C/C++ when you have a string contained in an array of char you won't be able to tell where the string ends, you could argue that you know the array length but the string could be shorter, so the idea of the '\0' character is to tell where that happens in the array. example: char s[10]: s[0]='\\'; s[1]='0'; s[2]='\0'; s[3]='x'; // won't be printed printf("%s",s); // will print: \0
  12. ZaHgO

    Game Programming and MIDI sound

    Quote:Original post by DarkRayne : cannot convert from 'const char [10]' to 'LPCWSTR' 1> Types pointed to are unrelated; conversion requires reinterpret_cast, C-style cast or function-style cast its at mciOpenParms.lpstrDeviceType = "sequencer"; Long Pointer Constant Wide STRing so it's the wide part that is causing you trouble that means you're working with unicode. in this case the string you pass is a char[] but it expect a wchar_t[] instead. try with: mciOpenParms.lpstrDeviceType = TEXT("sequencer"); instead of TEXT() you could use _T() if you have problem compiling that try including <tchar.h> basically those are macros that returns the string as a wide (unicode) one if you are working with unicode or as normal (ansi) string if you are not. That means if _UNICODE is defined or not. To force it to be a unicode string you need to write it like this: L"Hello Word" Functions from one type won't work on the other. you should try using tchar.h functions wich calls the according function depending on _UNICODE, that way you won't have problems working with strings. EDIT: here is a webpage explaining how to use TCHAR http://www.flipcode.com/archives/Advanced_String_Techniques_in_C-Part_I_Unicode.shtml [Edited by - ZaHgO on April 22, 2009 3:07:03 AM]
  13. I'll give my vote to the Fallout series, although I haven't played 3 yet, I like very much the way the game adapts to the way you play it. You can kill everyone out or persuade them, or sneak and steal, there are several ways to complete the game. And there is no NPC you can't shot, wich is amazing.
  14. You should use only one cube for the box. If you decide not to, you could use character controllers.
  15. OpenGL headers already comes with the compiler. For GLUT try this page: http://www.xmission.com/%7Enate/glut.html
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