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  1. A little bit better implementation of the PBR renderer on the @OPifexEngine https://t.co/0tA5pEtIuw
  2. After spending 3 days straight ripping apart the @OPifexEngine renderer, this is the most exciting triangle ever. https://t.co/agFkEAt4g6
  3. RT @GamedevGR: Have some #gamedev to work on? Come hang out with us tonight and do it: https://t.co/NC5nDo9UEy
  4. A program to help explain Gimbal Lock for my upcoming #gamedev talk: https://t.co/t6BB4juxdB
  5. GambitSunob

    External Level Editor?

    I had the same dilemma for a level editor for my game engine ( http://opengine.io )   What I ended up doing was using the Three.js editor: http://threejs.org/editor/ It's convenient in that it's already put together with the translate/scale/rotate gizmo, groups, model loading etc. Also since it's in javascript it's fairly easy to export a json representation of the whole scene. Or using javascript you can write out a binary file and create your own scene format.   I took it a step further and used the source code for the Three.js editor and wrapped it inside an Electron app, which gives me access to the file system.   Screenshot of my editor using threejs: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cm3xQC2VMAASaOM.jpg:large   The downside to this approach is it uses a different rendering engine than my own, but it works as a stop gap until my engine is ready for it's own scene editor ( aka I have time to make it ). However, since it's all WebGL wrapped in Chrome, it's cross-platform.
  6. GambitSunob

    Open Source, Licensing, or In-House?

    We've actually decided to try selling it, though the model we're using may change with all of the engines going (in some way or another) free.   You can check it out here: http://opengine.io/   I like your image packer. We're using a modified version of Stitches.js : http://tools.teamopifex.com/opspritesheet
  7. GambitSunob

    OPengine v0.4 released

    The website: http://opengine.io Languages: C(++) / OpenGL Mantra: Fast. Simple. Cross-Platform.     This engine originally started out as an in-house only engine for OPifex Entertainment. As it began getting more and more robust there was some interest in using it from other parties. After a lot of thinking ( http://teamopifex.com/open-source-licensing-or-in-house/ ) we decided to sell licenses for the engine.   It's a very programmer oriented engine and it's still in its infancy but it's a long term project that we'll be continuing with while we work on our own games. This is where we're inviting you to join us. The engine is available to use through a Github project once you buy a license for $20 but that's all you ever pay to use it. No royalties, no yearly fees, no taking 5% this and 10% that, it's yours. Fork it, break it, tweak it, it becomes your engine as much as it is ours.   If you have any feedback, let us know, we want to hear from you. For example: Why host it on Github? Why sell it and not open source it? Why the C mentality? What about an educational license?   Thank you for taking a look!  
  8. Inspired by the last @handmade_hero video, I just finished getting the whole live code loop into the @TeamOPifex OPengine, so cool.
  9. Re-recorded the @GRDevNight talk with @mrpossoms and I on "Building a Game Engine from Scratch!" #gamedev https://t.co/sXFjw9CiWb
  10. RT @GRDevNight: Only a few tickets left to see @jon419, @gambitsunob, @mrpossoms, @S2Games, & Brian Kowalczk at the next DevNight! http://t…
  11. RT @GRDevNight: Listen to @gambitsunob & @mrpossoms talk cross-platform game development at the next http://t.co/ztsCsNHo8u. Tickets are on…
  12. The backend for purchasing the OPifex engine is in place. Looking to have it ready to go within a month.
  13. RT @mattjavanshir: New post on my blog: Smash Bros. Love – Retrospect http://t.co/FaBhx69p0G
  14. RT @scaturr: Introducing Peridot: http://t.co/QzqzvOEF9e - a super extensible and enjoyable way to test in PHP. Custom DSLs, event driven, …
  15. GambitSunob

    The Week of awesome II - The judge Thread!

    Personally I'm looking forward to the harsh judging. The more constructive criticism the better, it helps us learn.   Like everyone else, very grateful for all of the work the judges have put into our entries.   Looking forward to the results.
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