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  1. freeworld

    Name of a particular property

    How does the documentation for std::cin describe it?
  2. First of all if you know you have to know what type each gameobject is... why manage them as just one type? I feel it makes things overly complicated especially when the majority of those objects are very different from one another. I'd use the advice already given and have your objects store a collision object that can be registered with your physics system. Collision shouldn't care about anything but the physical part of your object not its type. Your collisionnobject can store the info on what objects it collided with. Then later you can update each object and apply the collision rezponse based on the stored collisionninformation. As for special cases such as a bullet hitting the enemy. When you iterate over your enemies you know they will respond to being hit by bullets so would check the objects that it collided with if they are bullets. In my current project I handle such responses by including a flag for friendly or enemy... and a damage value. If an object such as the player collides with another object i first check if the objects are on the same side or jot. I.e. are they both friendly. If so I just leave it to the physics to respond. If not I check if either have a damage value above 0 and apply that to the given object. Interactable objects all derive from a base object to facilitate this but are stored seperately for easier and faster management. I.e. I know when I'm updating a bullet cause I'm updating the bullet container. No need to check types.
  3. Why not have the other class return the data it wants to send to the socket. Then your protocol class can do its job and send it to the socket without the other class know how its being sent?
  4. freeworld

    Just a tease

    Still gotta fix the wall doubling and start forcing the one creature per tile rule, but I've got my basic dungeon generation finished. Now just got ot find some time to do something else ;) For the sake of keeping this short and simple heres a video.
  5. freeworld

    Pre-Visualization Is Important!

    You began by bashing the gamedev community.... not even going to go further. Gotta love a teacher that says, everyone (people who arent me) suck so do what I tell you to cause I'm the $!!!
  6. freeworld

    C++11 Lesson Two: Variables!

    What would you do for console output? I'm referring to my (huge) C++11 book right now .   That scares me coming from the tutorial writer.... are you just copying that book and taking credit for cause it's in your own words?     Not all operators are one character in size.  You have the bit-shift operators << and >>, and the increment and decrement operators ++ and --.   let alone the statement doesnt fall true when it comes to overloading the operators of complex objects, atleast not to a point that I feel would be clear enough for a beginner.
  7. freeworld

    Is it time to move on to c++?

    No need to bash python.... op ask your self. Do I want to learn c++¿ if the answer is yes. Than by all means do so else.... well I think you catch my drift. Do what you want to do. Also don't blame your hardware before you got proof.... you more than likely have a bug in your code causing it to freeze. Take time to fix it and learn from it.... things don't get easier just by jumpi g to another language.
  8. freeworld

    Are Certain Constants Really Necessary ?

    Servants example is the biggest reason I use such constants. I will also do this a lot for variables I know later ill be loading from a config file... but in the need to get things tested asap ill use constants then later remove the constant and make it a member variable once i got the settings-loading code in place. This assumes it won't be used anywhere but the given file. More of a place holder in bigger projects. In smaller projects I do it to keep all those variables I know ill have to tweak over and over again in one clean place.... so as servant said I don't have to hunt for them. Edit... derp servant I didn't read your whole post.... atleast I'm your new fan boy ;)
  9. Only that which doesn't change can ever be perfect. Make mistakes. Learn from those mistakes. Make new mistakes and learn some more. I get caught up in the idea of perfectly beautiful code a lot too... granted I'm slightly ocd. Like learning another (speaking) language you're far more likely to learn threw use of that language. Beyond the vague. A blank piece of paper and pen do wonders for me in visualizing and keeping track of my original idea. I have one of those 2 inch thick notebooks for each of my projects. And a filing cabnet full of them. Before I code I tend to let my brain puke all over it. I find it the fastest and easiest way to get my ideas out. Granted I tend to close it and tbrow it behind me right afterwards then code. But I find Ok write less hackish code... Its fun to scan over some of my old ones just to see how I thought about programming years past. I had a lot of bad techniques that make me cringe now a days ;) Keeping things clean is usually a result of me going back over code and actually cleaning it up. Getting the code done and working is more important to me though.
  10. freeworld

    What game type do you prefer and why?

    I still remember when the nes came to amerca. Hink I was 3. I grew up on 2d games and still lve the detail. Its only recently that 3d is catching up in my eyes. I didn see td or sim games or I wouldve clicked the hell out of them. I consider myself and theorist/observer so I love games where I can do something then watch how it evovles. Action games (twitchy fingers games) usually aren't my cup of tea. I do love fighters though... I kept my ps2 and sold every game except tekken tag... still play that and the naruto fi ghost ters constantly when hanging with friends. But I typically play games when I'm by myself... probably why I'm a pc fanatic... so slow games with lots of detail are my favourite and that doesn't yave to he graphical detail. Lots of story is awesome too.
  11. Or just scroll to the bottom of the page and click use mobile version ;) it must be me touching my phone wrong.... I do manage to lock it up a lot from doing too many things too fast.
  12. Id say no... I like the mobile version on my phone aslong as im not posting ;) it just has some rough edges that need smoothing. And I forgot to say... it doesnt do the one line txt box all the time. Like now its working.... yesterday it wasnt. Plus the full version is a mess on a little phones browser. Youd have to completely rearrange your page layout wouldnt you to make it able to squeeze into a small width?
  13. I use my phone religously at work.... I ride around in a truck 90% of the time. A lot of the time I peruse the site but I rarely ever post from my phone. 1: this is a galaxy s3 same with my old droidX. Posting there is jo word wrap what so ever. Everything I type till I hit new line is all on one line...eaning at this point I cant read the beging of this sentaence anymore. . You cant scroll down to look at the thread youre posring about... im slow in the head give ke a break. When I rant I tend to go to the point I forget why I was ranting. Having to hit back to reread the thread just deletes everything I typeed. Im jot sure if thisnis phone specific but also why I click back on the text box... the cursor should auto jump to the end of my texting. Its a b.... to scroll the txt box on a phone. I back track and add things to what. Said already a lot... which puts the cursor above the rest of the text then its almost jot worth appending the rest ofy post the end of it like im doing now. I cant for the lfe of me get it scroll down right now... let alone my phone wont let me hit j instead of n. Navigating the site is actually quite elegant... I do like that aspect way more than the non mobile version. But the way posting works needs to change. That and one nit picky thing. I would love to be able to see the view count and other such info that the full version has... bit on the mobile version.
  14. Please don't be so negative. The OP started this thread with the intention to do an implementation and learn from it. In my opinion, that is the best way to learn, when combined with reading and discussions. Not just reading what other says, but actually assess for yourself. This should be encouraged, and I hope to learn something myself from the effort of others. Talking isnt learning... rethink your post. Ill agree with six. Less talking more coding. When you have a problem... then ask for help. For jow this reads as the thousands of post ive made then discards before posting. A thoght in the head and you just jeeded to say it outlud to fully grasp it. And im jot discouraging the op in any way. I say code this system now. Then look at it... then youll know how it actually works and probably how you can make ot work better.
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