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  1. WoA V Judging

    Tank you for the review. My game was humanity's Last Hope. I will continue my game in a few week. I have a lot of ideas to implement. I will post my progress on my blog here on
  2. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Hi everyone ! Here's my post mortem !
  3. WoA V : Post mortem

    Already 5 days since the end of the contest. Here is my post mortem. I liked my week in general. I improved my knowledge on monogame while improving my small personal game engine. Things that went weel - The creation of the story was very good. For those who wonder, there are 8 levels of planned in my game. My initial goal was to finish the tutorial and level 1. - Finding music has been a breeze. I had already discovered the artist on Newsground in the past. - The programming in general has been well. I did not have any major problems. Things that went bad - I did not have time to find all the SFXs I wanted. - I've lost a lot of time trying to find a good futuristic tileset and that's probably why I could not create Level 1. To conclude, a big thank you to slicer4ever for organizing this competition. Also, another big thank you, to those who tested my game and who gave me their comments. I will use it to continue my game. I give myself some days of rest but it's certain that I will work on it again. Those who want to follow me will be able to do it here on my gamedev blog or via twitter: See ya
  4. WoA V : End of contest

    Tanks for your comments.
  5. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    Here's my final entry : Grats to everyone and big tanks for the organisation of this great contest. Tomorrow I will play all submited game. I'm on vacation
  6. WoA V : End of contest

    This is the final day of the competition. I have unfortunately not finished my game but I still made a submit so that you can try what is done. You can download the game If you want to follow me for this game, here's my twitter account: Finally, here are the credits of my images and music: - The character was made by a friend of mine. - Charset was made with Game Character Hub. - The gui is a pack that I buy at this address : - The spaceship and background come from : - The ennemy ships come from packs on unity asset store. - All my music come from : or
  7. WoA V : Day 6

    Tank you
  8. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    Already end of day six. Here's my blog post about it.
  9. WoA V : Day 6

    Already the sixth day ended. Today I worked a lot to finalize the introduction. Everything is now functional. I still have a little trick to correct and I will be able to work level 1. I hope to be able to finish it in time for the end of the contest. I am confident but you never know what can happen as a problem. I am very pleased with what I have accomplished so far this week. I looked at the other games in the contest and there will be some very good ones in my opinion. Good last day to each of you.
  10. WoA V : Day 5

    Tank you for your comment. Here's the answer for your question : - The character was made by a friend of mine. - The gui is a pack that I buy at this address : - The spaceship and background come from : - The ennemy ships come from packs on unity asset store. - Sometings you don't see in the screenshots but you can listen when you play is the music. All my music come from : or
  11. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    Here is my new blog entry. I also read all your blog post. You make all great things. Continue, only 2 days left.
  12. WoA V : Day 5

    Today was a productive day. I did not really encounter major problems except that I had a little difficulty to make the exhaust following the enemy ships when they rotated. I happily found a small solution on the internet. I present it to you: Public Vector2 GetPositionOfExhaust (Vector2 _vCenter, float _fDistance, float _fDirectionInRadians) { Float yDifference = (float) Math.Sin (_fDirectionInRadians); Float xDifference = (float) Math.Cos (_fDirectionInRadians); Vector2 vDirection = new Vector2 (xDifference, yDifference); Vector2 vPrecisePositionOfSatellite = _vCenter + vDirection * _fDistance; Return vPrecisePositionOfSatellite; } This code comes from: To conclude, here some screenshots of the progress: Here is my objectives for Day 6: Finish the tutorial Make the first level Start to integrate the first boss battle
  13. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    Done for today. Here is my little blog post :
  14. WoA V : Day 4

    Today I worked a lot on the first sequence of the game, the introduction of the story. I have integrated the dialogues. I had to develop a kind of cutscene manager to make it work. I integrated the whole with good music. Subsequently I started creating the tutorial level that there will be at the beginning. I still have a lot of stuff to do at this level but when it's built in, the rest of the game will be easier to make. At least I think so. Tonight, I look for a futuristic tileset and I found a not free pack but not very expensive. I have unfortunately no pictures to show you for today. Tomorrow I will post one and maybe you'll have a first build. Good night !
  15. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    The progress was slow today because of my job. Here's my little blog post for today.