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  1. Realmstone open Beta

    New version up. So, it seems quite a few people experienced difficulties with the patcher. While it still requires admin and .net 4 runtime it should now be willing to tell about what went wrong. ALSO! duel system. You can now /duel other players, this requires that you both be in each others friend lists however. Next patch will include gratuitous amounts of spiders!
  2. Realmstone open Beta

    [size=6][b]Realmstone Open Beta![/b][/size] Greetings! We need more beta testers for our mmo, Realmstone. Realmstone is a fantasy mmo hack and slash game with some kingdom building elements. You take control of a merchant house and employ various level able champions to go out into the world an bring back treasures to your house. We draw strongly on traditional fantasy settings games such as Master of Magic and Moonstone. Realmstone follows the more hardcore tradition of Ultima online while providing a easily accessible game, as soon as you leave the starter zone its a brutal PvP faction based world, where you will need allies to persevere. [b]Features[/b] - Real-time multiplayer adventure - Create your very own customizable champions - Explore instances with your friends - Unlock classes and Prestige classes to increase your champion selection options - 1000 levels for each base class - Tons of different enemies - Fast paced hack and slash combat with lots of tactical abilities - Create your own city and declare war on other players - Build and customize your own city with over 30 different town buildings - Four distinct arche types to help define your champion - Living world AI - Monsters will not just stay in their lairs, they will raid your cities! - Auction house in each city where you are able to buy or sell your treasures - You will die [b]Official site[/b] [url="http://www.realmstone.erethic.eu/"]http://www.realmstone.erethic.eu/[/url] [b]Download[/b] [url="http://www.realmstone.erethic.eu/page/Download.aspx"]http://www.realmston...e/Download.aspx[/url] [b]Facebook page[/b] [url="http://www.facebook.com/pages/Erethic-Entertainment/110907055699206"]http://www.facebook.com/pages/Erethic-Entertainment/110907055699206[/url] [img]http://www.realmstone.erethic.eu/themes/yoko/images/Top1.jpg[/img]
  3. Thank you, I will do just that.
  4. I have now given the house screens a thorough overhaul and I am very pleased with the result. Thank you all so much for you help and advice! Champion screen [attachment=11309:screen12-44-17-014403.Jpg] Upgrade screen [attachment=11310:screen12-43-17-014354.Jpg] Resource screen [attachment=11311:screen12-43-17-014345.Jpg] I will be putting up a new build that includes the new screen this evening.
  5. Thank you all for the feedback, you are absolutely right! There is just too much on one screen - I have a tendency to over complicate my mechanics and I think I just needed to hear it again [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] There is an auction house but you can only trade what you carry, so if you want to sell your Stone or Metal you have to put it on a champion and walk it all the way, with the risk of getting robbed on the way by other players. This seemed like a really cool idea back when it was implemented but I'm no longer sure such an idea is actually fun. Plus, just making you able to sell directly from your house stores would make it far more intuitive. I think I will just remove it. Then I can put the champion in the center instead. I worked a bit on the suggestions by PyroDragn today and here is a VOIP of the menu as it is now : [attachment=11268:screen12-52-15-125201.Jpg] The borders are not complete and the 'tabs' need to work better with the rest - I also added buttons to the character window to let the player choose sex and appearance (before you could do it by left or right clicking the portrait) I imagine this screen would work a lot better centered and without the tradegoods bar.
  6. @Pyro Thanks a bunch! those are excellent suggestions! I will implement them all today, you are hereby added to the 'thanks to' section I am impressed at how well you got the interface and how quickly you where able to think up improvements, I really struggle when i comes to intuitive user interfaces.
  7. [size=5][b]Realmstone [size=4]-[/size] [/b][url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVEo0_fl1FU"][size=4]Youtube video here[/size][/url][/size] [size=2](formerly Pilgrims of Parnassus)[/size] The game is coming along really well but I have a serious problem; Most people who try my do not really understand the mechanics or get stuck quite early on, If i spend about 10 minutes explaining the core mechanics i get really positive feedback. I just don't seem to be able to present the amount of options available in an intuitive fashion. I could really use some pointers from someone with more experience creating user interfaces. This is the menu I cam currently running: [attachment=11248:scr1.jpg] This is one of the first screens the player will meet, from this screen the player chooses the champion he is going to play in the world. I have marked five critical locations on this screen: 1 This i the physical setup pf the character, the looks and the gear - but also the archetype and subclass 2 These are these are the abilities the champion will know when he enters the world, in the beginning very few are available 3 These buttons are extremely important as the switch between the three different screens available, but they do not become important before the player has gotten his hands on some loot and experience points. 4 The exit button leaves the house screen and makes the player enter then world, this button is replace by a 'hire' button when the house does not currently have a champion, the disband button releases the current champion from service. 5 Resource bar, first line displays the resources available, second line displays cost of current champion. [attachment=11249:scr2.jpg] This is the upgrade house screen, from here you can purchase new champion options 1 This line of buttons filters the upgrades by categories 2 These are the currently available upgrades in the chosen category, hovering the mouse over one displays info about that upgrade in the lover right corner (5) and clicking it selects it and displays what will be unlocked by purchasing this upgrade in the right side of the screen (4), clicking it will also enable a 'Buy' button just above the info field (5) 3 As you can see the 'Upgrades' button is now highlighted to show that we are currently in the upgrade screen - you can navigate back to champion selection by clicking the one named 'Champion' 4 In this field the currently selected upgrade is displayed and all unlocks are listed below it. 5 This is the info box, this box exists in all screens and will display info about anything the mouse is currently hovering over. If you have any ideas on how to improve this menu system I would be very grateful! (also is there a way for me to display my screenshots in 100% width in my post - I'm unsure how to write the tag, sorry) Edit* Forgot to mention that there is a playable Alpha available at http://www.realmstone.erethic.eu/ in the download section (VOIP homepage)
  8. Pilgrims of Parnassus

    A pilgrim (from the Latin peregrinus) is a traveler (literally one who has come from afar) who is on a journey to a holy place. Mount Parnassus, also Parnassos (Greek: ?????????), is a mountain of limestone in central Greece that towers above Delphi. According to Greek mythology, this mountain was sacred to Apollo and the Corycian nymphs, and the home of the Muses. The Pilgrimage to Parnassus is an allegory about student life by Shakespeare. The other two plays, The Return from Parnassus and The Second Part of the Return from Parnassus, describe the two graduates' unsuccessful attempts to make a living. While admittedly a little highbrow, I found it fitting since I am a student struggling to make a living through my muse (Parnassus). Most of my inspiration comes from D&D, Lord of the rings, Magic the Gathering and an assortment of other fantasy worlds. It has been to some discussion whether the name should be changed. Suggestions are more than welcome.
  9. Pilgrims of Parnassus

    [quote name='aattss' timestamp='1343164585' post='4962737'] When I hired the guy and he spawned in the city, he got killed by enemies, and I couldn't leave. [/quote] When a player is within a certain range of a hostile creature the 'leave' action takes 20 seconds instead of 3 seconds. The leave action is interrupted by damage. Was it Parnassus (the starter city) that got overrun by creatures? or did you build your own town? Player cities does have a tendency to get overrun, I am currently working on ways to prevent this. I agree that there should be an option allowing you to revert to Parnassus in case your own town got overrun, since it is almost impossible to do anything about it once it has happened. Thank you very much for your observations.
  10. Pilgrims of Parnassus

    [quote name='aattss' timestamp='1342616749' post='4960462'] Seems pretty interesting. However, I played for 5 minutes, came back on the next day, and found everything messed up. At minimum, there should be a reset button. [/quote] I am unsure what you mean, everything was messed up how? I am not sure what you mean by reset button. - You want to reset your house? I think I have to make the 'Hire' button bigger and the 'leave' and 'enter' instance buttons different. People seem to have a hard time navigating between the three different modes of the game (House screen, Instance, worldmap)
  11. Do i need more Classes?

    I like the Cursed idea - I think that could be very easily combined with the Jekyl/Hyde character, maybe instead of pain its drugs and at some point he just flips. Could even give him AI for a short duration. A whole new bran of Leroy.
  12. Do i need more Classes?

    @Stormy - I know! those guys are insane @Jefferson - Some subclasses unlocks abilities that are then available to other classes - There are also upgrades that unlocks single abilities that can be used from then on. The whole thing is a bit restricted version of the Guild wars 1 setup. I think one of my problems is that we have yet to create a fully realized 'skill-tree' at the moment we just have 120ish abilities that are kinda floating around. I'm not sure it is possible to make players feel truly unique due to cookie cutting and class restrictions but it is surely a valid point. When I started the project I wanted all abilities to be unlocks and have zero class restrictions but that just made everything very messy and weird (not to mention a balancing hell!) I ended up renaming Warlord to vanguard - he now has the following abilities: mouse 1 : swing (0-1 target,Low damage,energy builder) mouse 2 : hack (0-3 target, medium damage, low cost) button 1 : Bolstering shout (heals and increased damage, self + allies) - cooldown group [Shout] button 2 : Defiant shout (heals and reduce damage taken, self + allies)- cooldown group [Shout] button 3 : Tactical shout (Increase movement and remove engagement debuff, self + allies)- cooldown group [Shout] button 4 : Camp (Long channel, heal + ress, self + allies) button 5 : Energizing shout (all energy is drained, allies gain half that energy, allies) button 6 : Commander (stance, removes engagement debuff periodically, self) engagement debuff is a debuff cause by all melee attacks that reduces movement speed - this is to prevent weird kiting and running though mobs (think daze from WoW)
  13. Do i need more Classes?

    I don't think I made it clear enough that subclasses are very much like spec, i.e. they can share abilities and play styles. Just to make clear that I'm not going for 20 unique classes (that would be insane!)
  14. Do i need more Classes?

    Damnit Stormy! that is excellent! I have actually been thinking of a Jekyl/Hyde type character some time ago but i completely forgot about it and I can't believe I hadn't thought about the bard! I'll definitely put that in - I Just finished the archer class today a few more classes and I can move on to city upgrades (buildings and civics) My artist just sent me two new backgrounds that I'm implementing tonight, sneak peek here : [img]http://parnassus.erethic.eu/images/Tent02.png[/img] [img]http://parnassus.erethic.eu/images/Steppes.jpg[/img]