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  1. NuffSaid

    [java] Isometric engine - fps.

    Powerbook 12" 1.33 GHz 1.25 GB RAM fps = 17 - 20 windowed, 11 - 17 fullscreen Reason for this is that the Java implementation on OS X sucks for games. :(
  2. NuffSaid

    is C/C++ really dying

    Quote:Original post by dmikesell Quote:Original post by ApochPiQ As languages grow and expand, I think a lot of people see the "old" languages like C++ getting squeezed out of the picture and killed. This, as has been made clear already, is not the case. Rather, C++ is being slowly moved out of areas where it is not the best possible tool, and in those areas, better tools are arising. For example, C++ sucks for RAD - that's it, plain and simple. Why do you say C++ sucks for RAD? Ever used C++ Builder? Sadly, Borland have screwed C++ Builder when they released C++BuilderX. The RAD capabilities have been utterly removed and C++ Builder's future is rather uncertain. A big reason not to use C++ Builder, IMHO.
  3. NuffSaid

    [java] Java? Trojan? WTF?

    That's because it targets the Microsoft 'Java' VM. Another reason not to use the MS VM which hasn't been updated in years.
  4. Isn't LWJGL already available on the Mac? I distinctly remember using it when I had a mac....
  5. Quote:Original post by fadilthrejk 1) Do you know English? 2) He's learning OGL, I think he knows its merits. No need to diss his English.
  6. Any particular reason you want to use OSX's own version of OpenGL for Java instead of the official JOGL bindings? You'd get portability with JOGL which you don't get with OSX's OpenGL bindings.
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