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    which library files?

    Thanks, Let me explain more, what i want is extract low-level features(such as: color,texture,orientation,etc) of an image in order to compare with other image based on the similarities of these features.
  2. Hi, I want to extract some low-level features of an image using VC++,on Windows XP OS. What library files should i have to use or download? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I am working on CBIR system, retrieve images based on their similarity of low level features (color,texture,etct).and want to apply neural network on this system. what language should i have to use to develop/implement this system.
  4. entone

    Blood circulation in the body

    Thank you very mcuch, am trying it....
  5. Hello, i am new for Flash and trying to animate flow of blood in the body. like in lung and heart. how can i do this? Any idea or tutorial thanks.
  6. Ok, i wrote a code which displays an image on the screen using VC++ and OpenGL by reading (x,y,z) cordinates, each pixel, from file. But i didn't get clear image as i expected. So, can i use ray tracing algorithm to get clear scene? do u have any idea how to use it? Thanks,
  7. sorry for that, am using VC++ here is the code fragment: double x,y,z; ifstream f; f.open("file.txt"); f>>x>>y>>z; glBegin(GL_TRIANGLES); while(!f.eof()) { glVertex3d(x,y,z); f>>x>>y>>z; } glVertex3d(x,y,z) f.close(); glEnd() This code works fine for the data below: 10 -10 0 0 -10 0 10 10 0 but i got black screen when i change the value of z (vlaue of the last column) i.e: 10 -10 10 0 -10 10 10 10 10 ?
  8. Hey guys, i want to render a 3D object by reading all its vertices from file. the file is in the form of : 1.3 2.1 3.2 -0.3 2.7 -3.8 etc. can u suggest me any idea, thanks
  9. i have installed MinGW and MSYS on my PC (with windowXP),also i installed SDL and it works fine. But i got a problem with SDL_mixer (to configure). In which folder should the SDL_mixer be configured. Give me any idea plz OS: WindowsXP Language: Borland C++ MinGW , MSYS and SDL: installed and works fine SDL_mixer: allready downloaded but waiting for u to be installed(configured).Cuz i didn't get "how to install doc."
  10. Hey guys, i have downloaded OpenAL but i didn't get documentation that guides me to setup on window and to link to Borland C++. Do you have an idea?
  11. Hey guys,what library files should i have to download to play audio... (am using Borland C++ & Window XP.)
  12. entone

    displaying images randomly

    Now, what library files should i have to download, to play audio..., (am using Borland C++ & Window XP.)
  13. entone

    displaying images randomly

    Thank you very much. You got me man!
  14. entone

    displaying images randomly

    what do u mean? (say only what you have to say)
  15. entone

    displaying images randomly

    Thanks too much, i got your idea of ticking time. But i tried to call these functions in the main function. i.e: displayfun1(){} reshapefun1(){} displayfun2(){} reshapefun2(){} int main(...){ glutCreateWindow (...); for(i=0<;i<=2;i++) { if(i==0){ glutDisplayFunc (displayfun1); glutReshapeFunc (reshapefun1); glutMainLoop (); return 0; } else{ glutDisplayFunc (displayfun2); glutReshapeFunc (reshapefun2); glutMainLoop (); return 0; } When i=0 it displays the first image after that it will enter to the MainLoop() and won't come to check the second condition. what can i do ? just advice. Thanks.
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