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  1. ibebrett

    Version Control.

    For the people saying that DVCS don't let you work from outside, you easily can and without letting people do it globally. Its ridiculously simple to set up mercurial over ssh, and I am sure that its equally simple for all the other systems.
  2. ibebrett


  3. yes, i own an older version. like most books however, all the information is available online.
  4. ibebrett

    Programming changed? Forever?

    you are already using a quantum computer.
  5. ibebrett

    So i quit my job and told them they suck!

    How about not being able to use the entire job on your resume, because you bad mouthed one guy and now he wants revenge? Either way, you gain absolutely nothing. Also, its juvenile and unprofessional. This doesn't mean you can't say people weren't very good, or bring things up with them. Telling them "You Suck," makes you look like a child. There are more professional ways of going about it.
  6. ibebrett

    FPS Game Server

    your server probably doesn't care where the guy is looking, only when he is shooting. So sending updates less frequently for that unless firing ~1/s maybe ok.
  7. ibebrett

    An artificial hand connected to bone and tendons?

    how can you google something when you have no hands?
  8. ibebrett

    So i quit my job and told them they suck!

    it might. I have heard of talented people getting not getting hired just because they spoke ill of there former employer during the interview process. you are expected to remain professional, even if you HATE the last company you worked for. Don't feel too bad though, I did the same thing.
  9. ibebrett

    Just starting out.

    google MIT Open Course Ware Tons of introductory courses in math, computer science with mostly free materials.
  10. ibebrett

    So i quit my job and told them they suck!

    Big mistake. Never burn bridges. Every time I have I regretted it, even if I was right. It doesn't get you anything, and can only hurt you. You want good references in general.
  11. ibebrett

    Programmer at 40+?

    Quote:Original post by Eelco I have quite often tried to teach 20+ people how to program, and its not easy for them. Computer languages are really quite different from human languages, and many people I know have a really hard time adapting the to sheer level of autism a computer demands from you. It doesnt read between the lines. Besides, learning to program well requires time; lots of it; the kind of time grownups hardly ever have. ? My theory is that most people who would have taken an interest at that point (people who would enjoy programming) already have. The rest are being forced into it by a job requirement or class they must take. The further out in age groups you go, the more likely that those have an interest have already checked it out (especially during teenage years), and the more likely the people you have to teach aren't the programmer type.
  12. ibebrett

    Rob Peter to pay Paul

    its not shit luck it was taking loans with at a variable rate that they were going to be unable to pay. Its half the bank's fault for making ridiculous loan offers, and then packaging them and trading them, which infected the entire economy. Unfortunately people took loans that they couldn't afford to pay back. however the people in the article didn't sound like they fell into that category.
  13. ibebrett

    Linux use and development, finally...

    honestly though, i write server based apps for a living at work ( for managing entire departments, like sales, operation etc...) and we write all web based apps. I don't see much of a reason not to. Who knows if some manager is going to come in with a Mac laptop or some sales guy etc.. We use linux as a back end for this kind of thing. I could care less what the users actually use (as long as they use a sane browser).
  14. ibebrett

    How much do my grades/school matter?

    theres no reason you can't be making games now. These are good experience.
  15. ibebrett

    how much do you know about China?

    do Chinese women like American men?
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