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  1. Code_Strike

    Where to get used RAM?

    Okay. I'll try that if the Goodwill thing doesn't work. Thanks everybody =)
  2. Code_Strike

    Where to get used RAM?

    Quote:Original post by BladeOfWraithAnyway, to address your problem, even if you don't have Paypal, can't you just ask one of your friends that does?I really only have three friends, and none of them do. Quote:Original post by jtagge75 Check local computer shops, they probably have some old RAM like that laying around. Might even give it to you since its bascially worthless now. Yeah, I already tried that. We've only got three shops around here(I don't actually live in Atlanta, I live in Flintstone, which has like 3,000 people in it). One of them's mac only, the other one is new and repair only, and the last one offered to sell me some with a 90 day guarantee for $40 :/ Quote:Original post by jtagge75Also, places like Walmart have prepaid debit cards you can buy. Like Greendot or something along those lines. Put $50 on one of those and you can use it online just like a regular credit card. I doubt you have to be 18 to buy one of those. I bought two gigs of DDR for my P4 last year so you can still buy it new.I don't have enough money left to buy new RAM. I need used. And it needs to be cash or money order. I don't have a job or an allowance for that matter. Quote:Original post by mutex Consider a local Goodwill if you're willing to take your chances with harvesting computer parts of unknown quality. I often see entire cases with parts inside at mine for ~$10.I'll check there. I hadn't considered something like that. Most of the people at my church have much older computers than I do. P3 is the average. I'd have never thought Goodwill could have stuff like that. Thanks :)
  3. Code_Strike

    Where to get used RAM?

    I need a used 512mb or 1gb stick of DDRAM for my computer. It went bad and it has to be replaced. I've looked everywhere and it seems like nobody selling used computer RAM will take anything but a credit card or Paypal. I'm 14 and don't have Paypal and neither do my parents. I tried registering an account on EBay and I asked a bunch of sellers if they'd take cash or a money order. All but one of them told me no, and then when she noticed I had just joined a few days before and had no feedback, she said she wouldn't afterall. This is my only system and I'm not looking forward to a schooless summer with no pc. I really need help :(
  4. Code_Strike

    Merry Festivus!

    It's Dec. 23, and I wanted to say to you all: "Merry Festivus!".
  5. Code_Strike

    MMO Emulated Servers - Private or Pirate?

    Quote:Original post by MaulingMonkeyTake Ragnarok Online. Free client. Paid subscription. One of many in this category. Made by Gravity. Certainly they can have a leeeeetle moral high ground over some of the private servers for their software. Like, say, the ones that tell you to download a gigabyte sized client from Gravity -- then patch using official gravity servers for even more bandwidth overhead -- all so you can then breach your agreement, leave them with $0 to their bottom line, and run off to connect to a server running off leaked source code for the official servers?I played on serval private RO servers, and none of them connected to Gravity. Sakray was always up on some filehost(usually Filefront). The main reason I played was because I'm not a fan of grinding for thousands of hours to have a decent character. Most private Ragnarok servers are high rate. And by high, I mean high. 100x up to about 10,000x the rate you'll find on iRO Valkyrie(or other Aegis servers). I've met people playing on the private servers that also play on the official servers. They play the private servers because of how different the game is from high vs low rate(usually the stats are significantly adjusted). However, I know of no one(literally) that plays only on a private server that has any interest in offical RO. The issue is not money as iRO Valkyrie is free. The premium subscription is optional. And just about anyone can muster $12 a month for something that takes thousands of hours to get anywhere. Most of the private RO population are not what one would call hardcore MMORPGers. We're not dedicated enough to spend more than a year to get a single good character. If Gravity put out a 100x server tomorrow, I'd be on it with a paid subscription, no question. I'd love to have an English speaking RO server that's not going to suddenly and unceremoniously die one day. But I'm not playing any 1x rate server. And neither are most of the other people on private RO servers.
  6. Code_Strike

    First game project

    RPGMaker used to have a lot of free Rpg style graphics available. I downloaded a pack somewhere. If you changed the colors, they'd be different enough, few would notice.
  7. Code_Strike

    Drive-By-Download Virus

    Quote:Originally posted by Programmer One fns.usda.comThe Depatment of Agriculture is installing rootkits o_O
  8. Code_Strike

    turn based strategy games

    Age of Wonders fits, except for the email. May be tough to find someone to play with though. It's ten years old, but I really liked it.
  9. Code_Strike

    Happy Turkey Day!

    You forgot to mention the most important part of today. Football
  10. No one is going to steal your art. A lot of older commercial games used to have big folders with all the graphics sitting right there. After playing literally hundreds of shareware and freeware games in-depth, I've NEVER seen copied graphics at all. If you're that worried about it though, make them resources inside a dll file.
  11. Code_Strike

    Legislating individual vs. corporate freedoms

    Quote:Original post by mattnewport 'Amateur' surgery is a loaded term. I would want to check a surgeon's record and credentials before having surgery but I am absolutely in favour of abolishing government control over medical licensing. It would lead to lower healthcare costs and higher quality. Anyone should be allowed to practice surgery without the government having any involvement in the matter. I only see this going good places. No more government healthcare. No more healthcare regulation or licensing. Tort reform. Unisured person comes in from a wreck, hospital decides they'd make an excellent training exercise for an intern who started a month ago. As the person can't pay, they get that or nothing, so they go for it! Everyone wins.
  12. I don't think any of these ideas are a good way to make money. You can make money on a flash game + ads, but not worth your time investment. Most people make several games do it either as a hobby or to get into the industry. A few people make good money eventually, but it's rare.
  13. Code_Strike

    What is Ruby?

    Ruby reminded me a lot of Perl. Even the name to some extent. It's for web development, mostly.
  14. Bad games make angry violent children. Or at least they did that to me. I broke Dragon's Lair III with a hammer :/ Never made me want to attack someone, except maybe my dad when he kept playing Halo past midnight and going "OH COOL!" and other such exclamations -_-
  15. Both of them will speed your development time by a great deal. And neither is particularly strange enough to be able to say one is easier than the other. OOP only causes so much uniformity, different people will find each of the engines to be "easier".
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