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  1. All of the media is censored, there is adult censorship labeled as "top secret" with 5 coded levels available to the government's employees, from ts-1 to ts-5, and there are rumors of a rare ts-6 that is un-affiliated. Enter doesn't actually make words easier to read, you have been trained to disrupt natural communications flow in text to ensure maximum lie acceptance and propagation in defense of what has already been done. How do you know the speed of light? Did you read in in the standard school textbook the lyin pigs kill you if you don't memorize, that is the same for all? They do not say how that got that number in those books or in the lies they reference.
  2. How about a game, possibly a 3rd person over the shoulder style game that focuses on a simulated judo grappling style, possibly with multiple opponents simultaneously in complex environments? A simple way that could programatically model judo unarmed combat would be to start with a normal movement/look control mode....then when the player is near arms reach of an opponent, maybe track their arm locations, and clicking makes a melee attack from fingers->eyes, while pressing movement and look buttons also moves the arms while moving, and if the hands collide with each other instead of the eyes they grab and connect, and movement from there enters into a throw, where they either seperate and one or both take damage, or one gets hit in the brain through the eye sockets shortly after impact on that hard stun impact from a good throw with one on top, then the top one lands soft on him and with no stun takes the kill, reverting to movement mode, or a standing kill is also possible, along with asymmetric holds and other shapes.
  3. aersixb9

    More Realistic MMO style game

    I share information because my lifestyle choices have prevented me from being able to personally implement these. I have sufficient personal resources, and am at the item cap personally, so I enjoy sharing my vast trove of firsthand information in a way that isn't too controversial or anti-ts.
  4. aersixb9

    Programming/Scripting themed game

    Instead of just naming the games, could you describe what you remember about them, in particular from a design oriented (or gameplay or whatever you remember) perspective?
  5. aersixb9

    A game where you don't play. You watch

    This could be a way to watch tournaments, for example, perhaps capcom could make a free version of street fighter 4 that only allows players to watch the highest rated matches being currently played online, or that has neat ways to pick matches to show, along with videographic features such as pre-recorded time compression and others.
  6. aersixb9

    Better version of HAWX 2

    Or perhaps you are just trying to provoke me by calling me a troll, since apparently your post contains no content that isn't a personal attack....although a lot of people hate me and lie, including the people with guns. That being said, you all are trained to reject things that aren't bullshat properly, and I refuse to do that, so if you can't read my posts the problem is on your end and kindly stfu.
  7. aersixb9

    Better version of HAWX 2

    You aren't actually capable of reading or comprehending what I write due to...learnt stupidity?
  8. aersixb9

    Underground city / mining themed game

    An idea must not necessarily be a fully self contained product within itself. It sounds as though you want to do those 4 things to my idea, but your society prevents you from using ideas that exist. Feel free to use mine, but please do not complain if I write an idea here and it isn't long enough for you, or it is, or all you can do is command me? If you would rather go back to rewriting lies, I will perhaps go elsewhere since apparently the people who are willing to write here don't like me....although I suspect those willing to implement what I say are not those who are willing to write about it here. Also if you have nothing relevant or insightful to say that is connected to something or some idea that I have written, please do not clutter my threads with your worthless drivel. Feel free to expand upon, discuss, question, or debate anything I have said or that comes up that is relevant and connected to ensure maximum information.
  9. aersixb9

    Better version of HAWX 2

    Also the hawx 2 jets seem a bit slow, most jets go around mach 1, and are a bit slower in the lower altitiudes with a big jump around 5k feet (also paratroops hit that thick air there, jets can cruise around it....been a while, might be closer to 10k feet or slightly variable), and I did not use the rudder, only rolling and up/down, due to the rudder getting the nickname 'stall pedals' due to them making the plane fall towards the ground while spinning in most situations where I was also using the other controls....basically everything but lining up a landing for the most part, fucking useless pedals. My good jet didn't have one of those. For turning, it was kind of 'jiggly' and had momentum, I'd push the stick to the right and it would start to roll to the right....and it was heavy, and the air wasn't totally smooth, so it would kind of accelerate to the right and then if I pulled the stick back to neutral position the jet would kind of keep rolling a bit as the momentum wore off until it straightened out, I could compensate by bringing the stick too far back to straighten out faster, and it kind of bobbed around in the air, and it always felt like it wanted to pull towards the ground, being 100% heavy solid metal, like a big gnarly hard car. The thrust pushed hard in the back, way more than a car with the pedal down, around 8gs isn't that hard to get with those things. I had to keep the nose up, and it was kind of a constant effort to keep enough air going under the wings to push the heavy vehicle up against gravity. Rolling to the side made the solid air fall out from under it, making it fall sideways at full rock falling speed until straightened, and it liked to roll around heavily with torque from the engines and metals and whatnot....although at higher speeds the air was a bit more solid, and it would carve and glide through the air a bit, while still being a heavy beast of a vehicle with its fuel, weapons, armor, and structure. To turn I'd usually roll towards a 45 in the direction, and it would want to drop out from under me, the feeling is a big part of it, falling is in there too, easy to fall off teh air! So I wouldn't usually go full 90 and free fall unless I was (rarely) really high up, at 45 it would drop hard so when I pulled up the nose it would stay up a bit and also turn good without dropping too hard, adjusting that 45 to make it turn faster or drop less. That thing could stand up on its engine too, like a rocket, took about 3 minutes to hit the ceiling, 2 to get back to the floor, at around 1100 mph on the way down, 400 mph on the way up, doesn't fly at all under 200mph, not so good under 500, although that one had little wings for its size making it harder and a bit faster, more at the top. Mostly went straight a little under mach 1 (speed of sound), at 745ish. Terrain was all natural, cities aren't too visible since they typically contain a ton of foliage and plants in most areas, although there was a lot of not-city too. Sometimes I'd zip over a dense urban area, but for the most part it was trees, rivers, oceans, and natural unbuilt terrain, or at least the buildings were small compared to the natural stuff and hard to spot, especially goin 700mph and keeping an eye on the horizon ahead.
  10. I was thinking back to my time in the jet, where I got my online name from, there I was known as "aerial unit 6", although they actually called me "air six" on the radio, and sometimes my co-pilot would yell "6" at me for random reasons that usually had something to do with not dying. Anyways I was playing hawx 2 and it was lacking something....range. I was in a modern jet, and ever since WW2 the purpose of computers has been to extend the range on those things. There is nothing to hide behind in the sky, except for mountains, which is the 'helicopter' advantage in the day of the missile, since it can cover behind terrain and even large structures more effectively than a jet, and also deploy similar munitions, but with a bit lower top speed making them better on defense. Anyways, this one time I fought around 8 other jets in one flight, most of the time I'd just cruise NOE (near the ground) a little above the mountain spikes (they go up and down), and sometimes I'd "pop up" a little to get a further view ahead. The curvature of the earth is the most common thing to hide behind, and when a jet 'pops up' from behind the curve/sea/land on the horizon (with the distant mountains affecting it) it's kind of noticable to the naked eye, and radar picks those up pretty good. Depending on height this may be at a random range, it';s around 9 miles to horizon from the surface, but go up a few miles and suddenly it's 52 miles to the horizon. Modern missiles have a range of the earth and beyond, and I think we recently fired a missile at mars and it hit, although it contained an RC car with a camera instead of a warhead, and was a large expensive nuclear missile at one point. Those missiles are expensive, and many missiles have less range and different computer software steering the weapons. My plane was equipped with a radar jammer that broke all known missiles and radar, and a cannon with a lot of bullets. I also had a handfull of missiles in the wings, and could disable the jammer to fire missiles at any visible range (at flyable altitude, note that the engines go out with no air at too high, around 85k (actually more like 115k) feet, and stupid jets (also mine) have no way to relight the engine if it goes out except for the co-pilot opening the canopy, climbing over to the engines, and sticking a small electric torch in them while I jiggle the throttle, then climbing back in and complaining that I'm descending in the wrong direction, at which point I lied and blamed it on stall recovery. Also this one time HH told me about the heli-spin launch on a stuntplane, that's where you get a bi-plane that's light, non-armored, big wings and a big engine with lots of HP and jet fuel. You also have to have lockspring wheels, or electric lockspring wheels, which is where you have a spring on your front wheels that compresses and locks, then the pilot starts the engine, unlocks the spring to push the front end up, and presses the "hammer" into the full forward direction. He called it that because his army copter had a replacement hammer on the throttle with some duct tape, which he thought was efficient with the parts shortage and speed requirements, and had only good things to say about army mechanics and the vehicles not breaking when not struck by fire, and often when.
  11. How about a game where the player digs down vertically, and the entire world is underground? It could be dynamic or static, however the buildings would all be in large caverns (probably) hallowed out by people with tools, and different parts would have different wall materials, such as crystals, coal, diamond, dirt, and all other minerals in patterns and static, with similar things being together and heavier/denser ones deeper on average. In these caverns would be stairs, elevators, lights, farms, manufacturing facilities, and more, and the interior could be any size, and I should note the theoretical maximum internal "surface" area of mining the inside of the earth is much, much larger than the area on the surface of the earth + breathable lower air.
  12. aersixb9

    Human Slavery Story

    Whereupon upon the creation of the mammal, there came upon a first commandment, along with an original sin. This preserved through the primates and humans, this powerful sociatal instinct, to not kill and consume the flesh of your own species. Whereupon during the death throes of a society, as the farms fail and the meat production drops, while crime and incarceration rises, the path towards societal cannibalistic practices becomes more inviting. Whereupon the children siezed from those criminal prisoners were being raised by a private road of FBI agents, kept in chains in secrecy, with most of the internals removed, growing until 25 to be killed as pork. Such was the life of pain, and to create slaves in the archaic form....such a crime, upon detection, causes a reaction unlike any other crime, including serial homicide. This was done not for the sexual purposes or the value of the meat, but for the dark power associated with the practicing of human slavery, a harsh task demanding both complete envelopment within darkness, as well as many violent and farming skills well practiced and powerfully understood. This is also a mark of death, for any man who keeps an escaped slave will be hunted by anyone who speaks to that slave forever. Such suffering was impressive, as has been the readyness of powerful men to not value the souls of those around them, in a very powerful and evil way, in complete secrecy from those around, and with power over the truth of the slave, to compel complete honest through violence, and no man could enslave without knowing to interrogate, and it is not easy, for they resist and fight as hard as they can forever. I almost did not detect it, then I did and the nearby soldiers....reacted more than usual. It was shocking, for she had spent most of her time in a small location, silent and in terror of death and her named master. She was unable to interact with any other, for he would have detected it and killed her without hesitation. Upon his death, she appeard to form a more plesant bond with another person, while frequently saying things that gave insight into something....worse than a typical path.
  13. Minecraft does this. While not technically infinite, the game starts by spawning all the visible 'tiles' (cubes), then spawning more as the player explores and as necessary. This approach starts good, then lags without optimization. Viewing the challenge as an abstract 2D tile-map, one could use a similar method to fill one screen worth of generated tiles. If you attempt to load and render a much larger number than this, it will be slow and run out of resources; thus at any time, if a game has an infinitely large map, only a tiny portion of it may exist at any time. One way to model an infitely large map is as a very abstract algorithim, that can generate and destroy tiles on command, both to keep the map globally consistent (base algorithim to determine locations), and also to allow an infinitely-long (sort of) algorithim to generate any piece of the map on demand, and track player interaction through the tile layer into the algorithim layer. Note that the abstract algorithmic layer will not be 1:1 with infinity tiles, however with clever coding this will not matter and be very abstract....for example, if a road is between two cities, and there are many carts on the road, and the player is far away, does it really matter where the carts are? The resources will move around as though they are really there, and if the player goes near them they will be generated from the algorithim in random locations, under the butterfly effect should be the same as actually having all the carts on earth there at the same time, instead of abstractly modeling trade between cities quickly and invisibly, and only generate the cities & carts from the algorithim if the player is nearby and it is visible.... And also if the tiles and algorithim layers are "close" together programmatically, those tiles would be stored and tracked exactly, with more powerful computers tracking more tiles, and with a weak computer or inaccurate algorithim/tile storage/compression, the road will not be exactly the same route between two matching cities each time the player wanders off and comes back...while still being similar with a good algo, and also obeying the butterfly effect of dirt-cart roads shifting a bit....but the artifacts can creep in there, however this style might allow the plant->animal->human food chain game with a large enough map that can exist in 'tiny' computer resources.
  14. aersixb9

    More Realistic MMO style game

    Sorry if I wasn't clear about the respawning, there's a lot of censorship on the issue and I'm worried. ;p Anyways, I'd do it sims like, and there would be bi-sexual reproduction modeled in the aforementioned idea, with plants, animals, primates, and humans all having it modeled. Due to 'fun time' compression, I'd not actually 'hot coffee' animate it, maybe just make it a gameplay option that is kind of clean and vague (or not, alhtough they canceled that we dare game), where any male & female humans can consent to make a baby, which spawns near them without much fanfare, and then must be fed and raised....probably at a very high time speed, so that the baby grows up fast into a playable character, at which point a player could spawn into it via an interface, or it could be controlled via AI. Note the players would have a few advantages against AI humans to ensure human fun-ness, a key element. Making a game new, fun, and also relevant to the world and reality like a serious science book, is probably a good way to make money or build rep/skill/practice, and also making 'new' gameplay elements from the void is hard, but making them from the world is much more doable....easier if you have been a lot of places and done a lot of things in the world, otherwise you have less to ponder upon. The account points a player might get from playing and winning and paying could give the human players a starting advantage, such as having the humans be typically born in the best places in the world when possible, hopefully with a short spawning queue....possibly with some gameplay enhancement cheats, such as doing it as a single player game and spawning a new game world for the player each time, while also doing the game in a 'mmo quest single player' style, and I should note that single player games lack the technological challenge of networking, a hard task, to synchronize a bunch of programs over the less-reliable-than-a-pc internet...while also introducing the challenge of having good "AI". File swapping is a bit underutilized these days....possibly with the association between files from random people, viruses, and illegal pirated or otherwise illegal files. A valid concern, users are notorious for transmitting illegal images to each other without warning, at least according to chatroulette rumors. That being said an easier way to make multiplayer games is to swap a save file, since then you just have to load and save files, and then allow the users a mechanism for trading program resource data files.......a safer file type than a .exe, which can openly be mysterious and do anything possible with no restrictions when ran, whereas a program data file is limited to interfacing with the program, although they can more rarely contain hostile arbitrary code, but only due to specific bugs in a program, and thus are a bit more rare than the 'trojan horse' .exe files, which is where a program is mis-labeled, so a program labeled as a game or anti-virus program might actually have the code to break your computer or send spam with your computer while demanding your credit card to run programs....these are hazardous, moreso to novices who fall for online scams and tricks more easily. For this reason, while .exe files are also the fastest and most powerful programs, it might be good for novices to always consider making 'safer' programs, including things like facebook plugin programs, java browser apps, ms silverlight (haven't tried it, looks like flash, might work amazingly good for a browser running env...), and I should note that the browser might contain bugs ("probably"), and people probably know about those bugs, but a chrome or ie or firefox bug is a valuable and precious thing, so at least the virii aren't random college students just erasing your hdd and breaking your pc....the serious virii are typically invisible, so even though your computer might be sending out some spam, at least it's doing it discreetly when you get a browser virus, whereas those .exe files are dangerous, I worry about running them,,,,,,,yet I'm also not too worried about it too, most people are friendly and I try to avoid throwing money at them unnecessarily, and I can also trace my boot and clean up the extra files usually with msconfig, and if I smell a laggy virus wiping the hard disk and reinstalling windows can be a fun way to layout some new software and spend an afternoon.....although I'm not too worried about it, they can potentially hide in hardware and other subtle locations as well, but as long as it works and I can keep writing (hopefully useful) things on the internet and get you all to like me, that would be awesome. Maybe someday I can work with powerful people to build things....I've never been much of a builder, yet it seems like it's the key here more than anything else, and that building impressive things with computers, in particular with regards to matter-assembling computers with future tech that can assemble cars on demand connected to a PC (maybe a inkjet-sized matter printer, could print the parts, with easy or do-able assembly......or a larger one might be available and popular too! Note you must fill up the ink cartridge with various materials, and a car does require a lot of metal, also electricity to melt the metal and flow it onto the piece by mechanical control, and a human to pick the design from a catalog and/or make/update one. With current tech this can be accomplished with one of those computer router thingies, where you can "print" a 3d model onto any material with a spinning cutter and 3-axis arm....I forget what they're aided router or something, works with a 3D model, very impressive videos on youtube, and square/cube/rectangular materials can be obtained by melting old metals or materials in a smelter into blocks with a lot of fuel, or mined then smelted.....with a bit of evaporative waste, but 99% of the metal and materials stay on the earth when remade.....all the metal dug up through history should still be up here, ready to be resmelted into new blocks then carved, or later printed into exact and/or overlapping shapes in all the popular materials at a given cost....some day.....maybe even food air & water from random cheap inputs and lots of electricy, which we will probably chase towards jupiter or a smaller easier planet that's also bigger than earth, maybe closer, also the near-sun planets might be interesting too, and some day we will get our electricty and metals from the middle of the sun, and I bet the quality of life for average people at that time will be very impressive, and we'll all look back at now as a bunch of primitive half-monkey days with no replicators or holodecks or space travel...and some odd historical notes that aren't obvious yet.....kind of disconcerting, especially what was happening secretly in the 80s...remnants of which continue strongly to this day.
  15. I haven't actually tried the game and am not familiar with it, but reading the responses I notice they appeared to have mixed a bunch of different functions from the graphics API. This reminds me of the experimental programming I used to do. I would find some new functions, a new API or SDK or whatever, and start programming with no design. I would learn what the functions could do by playing with them and watching the output. Then I would mix them together into something that was "interesting" or "looked neat". While doing this, I would also be thinking about what I could theoretically do with these functions given a lot of time and/or effort....and would write that as comments usually, or even as output options in the functions I was using, like as text under objects or even variable names.....and start designing fun gameplay loops and other game parts that looked neat and were personally interesting and novel to this point I would usually write one or more longer design documents, sometimes in a text editor like word or notepad, but usually in a comment block ( /* and */) at the top...or elsewhere. Typically at this point i would hand it off to a builder caste human trained in programming......although I've been busy and there's a shortage of soldier caste humans, so all the builders and miners must design their own programs for now. The builders are a little bigger and fatter, while the miners actually get stronger as they shrink (or the other's a survival while mining deep with cave-ins and smaller passege traversal, and also a smaller minimum diameter requirement. They're pretty good at predicting earthquakes and cave-ins, and so the others tend to avoid caves. builders are great at long repetitive tasks and shaping clay and clay-like materials, including metals that turn to clay with sufficient fire, assembled from mined fuels and metals, also some stone and 'fuze', the powder mined element that explodes when dried and lit, and is called 'flint' at a low density. Anyways the miners might be better at design, but both should probably be in on it, and both should be familiar with the functions and variables and scripting, while adding as much as they can, and the builders and diggers work well in groups together doing slightly different tasks, with relevant overlap, so it's best to be unlimiting and natural, and if a builder feels the urge to wander around deep in a mine, they should probably be facilitated as much as possible, and the mixing yields relevant results typically, with good value for the risk. The 'other' caste, the female caste, is also pretty awesome, and while I probably wouldn't have 50% females on the team, having 0% would also be a bad idea. Some are better than others, and some have problems that can render them more than worthless, so be careful who you choose, this applies to all others too. Desperate people are the ones who cause problems, and that can be caused by a lot of things.....I tend to try and give them charity to help them get going in a nice life, and they will try for that if they can find a way....while also recognizing that they can and will pursue violence when starving every time, and other factors that are not starvation can cause similar desperate results in more complex and subtle ways, as welll...... But I digress, finding new gameplay styles means remixing the old. I always like powerful functions for experimenting, so using something like OGRE 3d Engine SDK to invent a new design might work great, especially since you may simply be inspired by the open source code, and notice your "random" or 'haphazard' remixing of the functions while playing with them both in code and in run-mode, along with possibly remixing open source or other available code that uses familiar, connected, relevant, or random other function/variable sets for your preferred language, (note some languages have more code available, also some have more awesome SDKs and whatnot, also note the licensiscing limitations, although those typically only matter if there's upfront cost or if your design uses a 'heavy' feature exclusive to that SDK) Anyways get the most awesome functions/variables you can for the graphics or whatever, remix them into something nifty, then either post it for free to build reputation, maybe try for a patent (although I personally object to these, they exist and are worth a ton of money....note people kill over that stuff, also lying is common, so be careful around it!), or build it as an SDK or game and try and sell directly to a demographic, such as programmers or gamers. It might even make a good resume, and you can offer it to a company in exchange for money and/or promises of employment....although be careful of plans that "cannot" change, and be ready for anything that is in the future to be unexpected. I should note you might remix powerful open source functions to make something fun, then find when you have something fun all the open source you have used could be re-implemented, either by you or with a more liberal lic. package that does something similar, so that may require swapping out.....also I was looking at the xbox live indy games market, looks like it's only $100 to submit 10 games for consideration, that could be a neat high-school accessable lottery there if you can make a game in XNA, which is in visual basic or C#, and for a small indy game it's probably best to take those xbox-friendly functions and remix them into a novel programming gameplay loop that's personally fun, and try and make a neat $1 or $5 diversion, with the option of posting the failures and crappy ones (probably the first bunch, it takes a while to get up to speed on anything new!, be sure to play the games you make a lot (or features), and be honest with yourself comparing them to other profitable and unpopular games on the market....also play and read about those!)....anyways the nice part about remixing functions in a fast loop is that is the 'core' of the gameplay, from which new styles may come about, and since graphics are a big part of the game, mixing those in innovative ways should be 'interesting' and 'inspiring' like fine art to the people who view them, giving them new ideas about how images and moving game pictures are and can be, and hopefully inspiring new gameplay loops in the future that become popular and well refined with time and use and a lot of human effort. Proofreading edit: Note if microsoft rejects your first few efforts, maybe post them for free online and get free player feedback and testing, to make another attempt. Also note that all the code can be copied and pasted, a lot of people try and make their first project epic, and fail, when the first project is the novice gain skill by doing, like in a skill-based mmo!, so you need to increase your programming and/or game-making skills a lot to make profit on the open market, even with charity possibly, although making a halfway decent program might let you get some money out of friends or relatives at first, then maybe actual businesspeople or investors or donating customer/player/testers, since you might impress someone rich with your attempts luckily....although if you post some free software it's not hard to get feedback, and if you take it to heart, fix the problems quickly, and update, you might get enough skill to win good eventually. Thus be sure to write easy programs at first, and maybe just show your friends or even just be honest with yourself, and make a few short ones. The skills you learn, the functions, variables, tricks, debugging techniques, and how the code affects your perceptions at runtime....those tricks stay with you, and by building up a big programming trick book you will be able to write & design better programs faster and more consistently with more past information to draw upon while pondering your moves. Teamwork is also good, and underutilized here, so team up when possible while acknowledging how you need to learn to do it.....and try and make it so you both or all win as hard as possible, while also limiting how much you risk and put out at first and watch the others to make sure they are really into it and good teammates, it might take a few tries to find good people to work with, although I should note tutoring and apprenticeship, in that order probably, is good...a tutor is paid to teach someone, while an apprentice does work for someone who already is good at programming (or whatever) and is trained while working, usually with a reduced salary until they are skilled enough to qualify for a regular job....although a good mechanic I knew was always telling his employees things, tricks, tips, car stuff, and they would sometimes tell him things too, although they clearly respected him as the best mechanic in the shop with the most knowledge....and the new guy looked like he could barely change the windshield wipers, something _I_ can do... , while also noticing that having extra strong hands can be useful provided they have a minimum level of common physical coordination....
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