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  1. Version 1.5   + Implemented album orientation view. + Removed Scoreloop.
  2. [b]Version 1.4[/b]   + Added persistent saving of current game state when losing focus by main activity and restoring the state when gaining it back. The only way to start new game is to pick corresponding main menu item. + Added option "Accelerate Balls Animation", when enabled ball animation (jumping on place, moving etc.) animates 30% faster. You still can select balls as fast as you want: if old ball is moving when you select new ball, it will immediately teleport to the destination and let you play at speed you want. + Added option "Use Dark Background". It may come in handy when you play in the dark and you don't need that much brightness of the sky clouds. + Fixed rare bug when game crashes due to incorrect drawing data.
  3. [b]Version 1.3[/b] + Added "Options" dialog. + Added "Game mode" option. Each mode has own rules and high scores. See "Options" for more details. + Added visual floating "+scores" when user scores. + Now Android status bar is always visible. + Now "Submit Online" check box remembers last choice. + Changed amount of points gained when player scores, now it is defined by next formula: N * (N - 4). + Fixed bug when ball scored only single line when it could score more lines (with different directions). + Fixed visual bug on displays with aspect ratio higher than 1:1.6.
  4. [b]Version 1.2[/b] + Integrated Scoreloop, an online scoring service. + Now you get additional points for scoring two or more times in a row. You get +5 points for second score, +10 points for third and so on. + Local High Scores storage increased up to 20 records. + Fixed rare crash with drawing selected ball.
  5. [b]Version 1.1[/b] + Added ability to do moves faster. Now while the ball is moving to destination cell, you already can select next ball which you want to move and actually start move it too. The previous moving ball will be placed to destination cell immediately. If your new ball hasn't affected by previous move (didn't scored and disappeared) your new ball will begin to move with no problems, otherwise you will need to select another ball. + Improved graphic look of texts "Score" and "Highest Score": now they are separate from the background, rendered same good as score numbers on high-resolution devices. + Added localizations for French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian and Ukrainian languages. + Added "first run" dialog which shows latest changes.
  6. Lines Version 1.4 (No ads and absolutely free) This is classic color lines puzzle game where you need to stay in game as long as you can and get points. Each turn your field will be added with 3 more balls of random color and you can move any ball on the field to any empty cell if the path exists. Turn ends if you moved the ball and didn't score, otherwise you can move one more ball and so on until you unable to score. To score you have to collect 5 or more balls of the same color in a row (vertically, horizontally or diagonally). Controls - Touch the ball which you want to move, it will start jumping on place indicating that you have selected it. - Touch empty cell to move selected ball to desired cell or touch another ball to change selection. If you accidentally missed the cell and the turn is over, you can open main menu by "Menu" or "Back" button and choose "Undo" to revert game state back. Hints - You gain more points if you score more balls, so always try to score more than only 5 balls. - Small balls shows you where and what color the next balls will be, so you can plan your moves better. Features - Nice graphics, ball movement animation. - Looks good on tablets with high screen resolution, while application size is only 1.5 MB. - Doesn't requires Internet connection, no ads, completely free. - Function "Undo" which allows to rollback game state for one turn. - Local High scores and Online leader board using Scoreloop. The Game at Google Play [url="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.greenya.lines"]https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.greenya.lines[/url] P.S.: please tell me what you think about it and thank you for your time!
  7. Hi! Give a try to my Irrlicht Engine wrapper - Irrlicht Lime, maybe you will find it useful and easy to use. P.S.: http://sourceforge.net/projects/irrlichtlime/