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    Mesh Texture is Just Black

    yes Admiral, that did it!! I guess I stopped short when thinking about the code dependencies. Thanks alot!!! fuzzlog
  2. I'm using the "Microsoft DirectX SDK (August 2007)\Samples\Direct3D\MultiAnimation" project by opening the "MultiAnimation_2005.vcproj" via Visual Studio 2005 Pro. When I compile and then Run the app from within the IDE, everything looks and functions great. If I create a copy of the MultiAnimation folder to my development drive and then open it with the same IDE then compile and run it, everything works great, except that the mesh of "Tiny" the character used in this sample is ALL BLACK. Movement, buttons, camera changes, floor, boundaries, etc all work correctly. This project depends and the DXUT classes. I made sure that the folder including those classes was copied at the same hierarchical relationship as with the "Samples\Direct3D\MultiAnimation" folder, but it makes no difference. I've also done a line by line visual comparison of the projects' properties and the are all the same. I've even done a comparison of all the files with WinMerge and they are exactly the same. Anybody run into this problem before? fuzzlog
  3. Thanks for all the info. it already looks more promising than the several books i've read. fuzzlog
  4. Well, well, what do you know. Live, meander and learn!! It turns out that the SDK mentioned above also comes with a folder named "Tutorials" with the following content folders: HLSLWorkshop Tut01_CreateDevice Tut02_Vertices Tut03_Matrices Tut04_Lights Tut05_Textures Tut06_Meshes
  5. I may not be typing the correct search words in google then. About 90% of the samples relevant to what I was working on in the last 3 week have been geared toward DirectX 9.0 and below. I have been working with .X files and meshes. I'm pretty much a DirectX noob, so sample code really does not do much good unless it comes with a tutorial which is what I have had trouble finding for DirectX 9.0c
  6. I just spent the last 3 weeks studying from "Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX, 2nd Edition" Even though I knew of all the errors that would eventually happen because it was based on DirectX 9.0 and I have installed DirectX 9.0c on my computer, I figured I would benefit from the learning experience of researching the incompatibilities and fixing them. After 3 weeks of research and hair pulling I still could not get the code to compile without errors (couldn't find enough info). Today I found out that the "Microsoft DirectX SDK (August 2007)" (and probably all older ones for that matter), come with a "Samples" folder.... After giving a quick look through some of the samples, I come to realize that the code look NOTHING like what has been shown in the book. Techniques and function calls are completely different. So, I guess the purpose to my whining is to ask, what's better to learn from, books or SDK samples? if my purpose is to learn enough to work in the industry as a game developer? Any info will be greatly appreciated. fuzzlog
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