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  1. dillscon

    Online School

    I have one local school that offers Computer Science, they just dont offer it online yet. I'm considering maybe taking all the online classes I can and then finding times I can make to on campus to do the acutal CS courses. Its certainly cheaper to do it online too. I refuse to take out a student loan too. I know too many people that are deep into a career still paying on those.
  2. dillscon

    Online School

    Does anyone have a recomendation for an online school for Computer Science. To afford school I need to work full time, so online education is my best route.
  3. I found one, although you may have already run across it yourself. Clicky
  4. dillscon

    Text Based Game?

    I would also suggest C#. I cant really say enough good about it. It has also been suggested for you to learn to program before attempting a game. I agree, but you can cheat a little. As you learn things use them to make a little bit of your game. That has always made programming more fun for me. Plus you'll learn to apply what you're learning a lot better. I've created a text based game recently myself, and I occationaly update it when I feel like playing with it. I used C#.
  5. dillscon

    College help !!!

    You could do a search and get a lot of results on this. Another thing I would do is to look up job ads. Look at game developement jobs and general programming jobs, or whatever else you're interested in. On just about any website ad company they always list what they want.
  6. dillscon

    XNA vs Tao OpenGL

    Currently I'm using an onboard video card so I cant really mess with XNA. I plan on building a new PC in the next week perhaps, and about that time I want to get back into game programming. I have a good grasp on C#, and i've made a text based game. So now I want to start in graphics. I've heard XNA is great for the beginner. I do have one question though. Will the things I learn from XNA also help me with OpenGL or DirectX even? Or would it just be a complete re-learn?
  7. dillscon


    I'm guessing the code you're compiling is designed to work with different compilers, and maybe even different Operating Systems.
  8. dillscon

    Is it possible?

    I wrote a C# text based game. I called it 'Haunted Mansion'. Basically you explore a mansion and can pick up items, add them to your inventory, and attack a few bosses in it. When I have time I sometimes update it to do a little more. If you decide to go with VB.Net I think you can convert my code over to VB. Although I think writing a program/game from scratch will teach you a lot more than using another program/game as a guideline.
  9. I've been casually programming for about 2 years now if we add up everything that ive done off and on. I'm wondering how successful people like me can become? I'm not interested in going to college for it, but I enjoy making programs/games in my spare time. Do I have a shot at being able to do anything comercial going at this soft of a pace? And I dont mean game wise there, because obviously that would require a team even and games are way too competetive to go at casually.
  10. dillscon

    Some beginenr questions

    Microsoft isnt pushing anyone to use C#. They're definitely focusing a lot of effort on C# and .Net I belive but not with the intention of pushing people to use it. Naturally a lot of people will be inclined to use it because it is great. But still there will be c++ developers, java, and all the others. I looked a mono a bit today for other reasons than this post and the portability of c# is rather portable. I'm not sure how c++ is, but when I programmed in C way back when I remember having to change things around in my code to make things work between windows and a linux system. From what it looks if you used mono you could write code and not have to change anything for standard programs no matter what platform you're using your code on. I'm sure theres exceptions there especially in game development. But hopefully someone who actively uses mono will step in and verify how true that is and the rest of your questions.
  11. dillscon

    using mono lib on VS

    How would you go about using mono libraries on Visual Studio or C# Express? I'm guessing you would just add a dll as a reference, but I cant find anything thats just mono.dll or mono.terminal.dll?
  12. dillscon

    C# and console formatting

    Quote:Original post by acddklr07 Hello, That website has links to two C# curses library. Also, it was very easy to find. All I did was go to google and type in C# binding of curses library and I found it instantly :)! Sincerely, Carl J. Loucius Nice its documented too.
  13. dillscon

    C# and console formatting This is the best i've found so far. But its a start.
  14. dillscon

    C# and console formatting

    Quote:Original post by dillscon I've read a lot of posts where most say that the .net library is plenty enough for a console game as far as libraries go. What is curses supposed to do? Nevermind I just googled it myself. That sounds really cool actually. I'm gonna google around to see what can be found myself.
  15. dillscon

    C# and console formatting

    I've read a lot of posts where most say that the .net library is plenty enough for a console game as far as libraries go. What is curses supposed to do?
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