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    new sound design tool for animal voices

    I used this vsti when you first published it in KVR (I think :P) and I was kinda impressed with it. The free presets are not that good, but with enough tweaking and a lot of fx it can sound decent, for a synth. Good job and continue the good work man.
  2. Vitali

    Sound Books

    Actually, these dvd's cover all the basic stuff about mixing. If you are really interested, then you should also buy monitors and not use consumer speakers for mixing. The whole point of mixing is for your music to sound as good as it comes to every music system, the car, your hifi, the radio etc. As for music theory, I found a free ebook with the basic stuff. http://www.questionsink.com/Books/FreeBMT.html This is the first part, and there are several more for free. http://www.questionsink.com/PDFs/BMT/Part%201.pdf
  3. Vitali

    Sound Books

    As far as mixing is concerned you will learn most of the things in Internal Mixing Volume 1 and 2 from Steinberg. Here's a link : http://www.arbiter.co.uk/steinberg/products/internal_mixing_tutorial_dvd.htm I'm giving you this instead of a book, because you will learn much more information by seeing AND listening, not only reading. Plus, the teacher and the whole package is of top quality. For mastering, there is a similar package : http://www.arbiter.co.uk/steinberg/products/audio_mastering_tutorial_dvd.htm I would first recommend you buy the necessary monitors and then continue on with the mixing steps. As for mastering, unless you're dead-dead-dead serious, I would recommend you just leave it to the pro's who have the necessary equipment and years of expertise. Mastering is unfortunately something that cannot be done by an amateur, only pseudo-mastering, a poor one.
  4. My opinion, Try Reaper - http://reaper.fm/ Then, go download the best free stuff from kvr http://www.kvraudio.com/ Then, when you have enough money, start buying the best cheap stuff out there. I can recommend you, just tell me what sound you are looking. You could also try buying the fl studio which has ready instruments and doesn't cost that much (it has a life license, you only pay once). The catch is that fl studio has a very bad sound if you only use its own instruments, especially if you try something else rather than electronic music. Hope I helped.
  5. Vitali

    Programming Sound

    Plus, there's no way to create realistic sfx without recording a raw sample of it. Professionals record "things" in the studio, whatever they are and radically change the sound and form through various fx. If you're a beginner, I'd recommend you go to the various free-sfx sites, download them and try to change them to a different sound. That's the first step. Generally, it is easy to find royalty-free sfx. It's not easy to find quality ones...
  6. Vitali

    Programming Sound

    The theory you mean ? And what kind of sounds do you want to create ?
  7. hahaha : see the pm I sent you. If you like it, tell me your opinion here. If you don't, just keep it quiet :p The rar contains a composition of mine, maybe suitable for the menu or something and some sfx. Hope you like them. Aiursrage : Nah, sorry. I don't really want to create elevator music in my spare time. Hope you understand.
  8. Actually, that is more of a personal myspace and not Pyro's (and not that great of samples :P), but thx anyway for your comment.
  9. Hello. My name is V and I'm a professional music composer/producer. Having some free time in my hands lately, I've decided to help indie game developers with some music and fx, free of course. Don't expect state of the art music files but I think that you'll find most compositions more than good. It would also be an insult to the paying customers. Contact me through pm's for more information. Please, I expect serious teams only. People who won't publish a game in this millennium shouldn't waste (my and their) time.
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