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  1. Hi There! I would like to present to you our newest game, Coal Burnout! Play the demo version in your browser here Beat your competition in Multiplayer PVP, throw coal in the rhythm game, upgrade trains, get first in the leaderboard, and all this while listening to awesome chiptune soundtrack written by skybox! The game features iconic trains from steam era: - Flying Scotsman - DHR 778 - 4468 Mallard - GER Class Y14 - BR Standard Class Available now in the AppStore and the Google Play. - - -
  2. jimon

    GDPR and opt-in

    Hi everyone, I'm developing a mobile game and I'm trying to figure out a good way to comply with GDPR. The game in question requires GameSparks (GS) to function (it is used for multiplayer + profile storage), but GS also tracks user IP's and device names and there is no way to disable that. I also use GameAnalytics/Fabric-Crashlytics/Facebook Login, and the game can function without them just fine. ( Also what's funny is that GameAnalytics uses completely random user id's, so there is no way for anyone to correlate real person to collected data. I have no idea what gonna happen if someone gonna send DSR request for exporting data ). My problem is that I can't find any good examples how to implement opt-in correctly. Most games started to just introduce "ad tracking" toggle (like here ), but it seems not to comply with requirement of granular opt-in (like user should be able to disable one service, but keep others). So anyone has any examples how to do this? Some big co also do weird things (Jetpack Joyride, Hill Climb 1/2, Trials Frontier, PUSH SUSHI, etc): they just put "please accept updated privacy policy" with just one "OK" button. There is no opt-out from tracking. How that is even legal under GDPR?
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