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  1. Pac-Man on XBLA forces you to use your left hand to play, alienating 85% of their potential customers!   It would be fun to create an exact copy which forced you to use your right hand ... and win in court!   At least Demos mean I don't have to financially support muppets
  2. http://www.geomerics.com/enlighten/
  3. I solved this problem using catmull-rom interpolation for the terrain heightfield combined with runtime calculation of normals using bspline interpolation bspline has C2 continuity ... no artifacts!   but it is expensive ...   http://skytiger.wordpress.com/2010/11/28/xna-large-terrain/
  4. The police provide jobs and applies some level of control to the lower orders of society Can you imagine how they would behave if they were left uncontrolled? They would be violent criminals   And who better to keep order but a bunch of brainless bullies?
  5. For £100 you get a 250W UPS ... a powerful PC won't even boot on that   The UPS protects the PC from dirty power, not just power cuts If anybody on the local substation uses a power tool, for example, your PC will be damaged You know all those forum posts "my PC started acting weird" "after reinstalling windows it was OK" ... Many times that will be caused by dirty power   The worst thing is when your data is corrupted, but you don't realise for months, and you have backups of corrupt data also   I learnt this the hard way, setup a new PC from scratch and the builders next door started a power tool ... machine started random BSODs no way to know if permanent damage has occurred ... but I bought a UPS and reinstalled windows and all was well after that   If you use a PC to earn a living - you need a UPS
  6. Simple common sense:   - If you rely on your PC you need a UPS - A 700W UPS costs £600 - Laptop has UPS built-in   Therefore laptop wins on price/performance IF you consider the UPS   Given that laptops (like my Alienware M17x) can do everything a desktop can do (multiple hard disks, multiple monitors, powerful GPU, quadcore hyperthreaded CPU) it very rarely makes sense to buy a desktop   Also nobody pays the sticker price for Alienware ... you always get 15% to 25% off the website price by typing in a coupon code   A few years ago there was one big reason NOT to buy laptops - the GPU drivers were specific to the manufacturer   That is no longer the case, my drivers come direct from NVidia - so they are always up-to-date, just like a desktop
  7. I had a colleague who used to "spy" for the boss The boss never asked him to do this, but he found it interesting to listen ...   I worked closely with the spy and he would report my conversations to the boss Over time a clear picture emerged: - me: could keep a secret, wouldn't hurt anybody - him: deliberately shared secrets in order to hurt others   Anyway it was fun feeding him "secrets" to repeat to the boss ...   after a couple of years passed I was promoted to a highly paid manager position and he was still sweeping the floor, earning 1/5 of my salary   if you spy and tell stories about Person A to Person B Person B will expect you to do the same to them ...
  8. Portability or needing a UPS
  9. This is the guy responsible for the most gorgeous fluid effects in films: http://physbam.stanford.edu/~fedkiw/ Also check out his lighthouse video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2lsuk4rybY
  10.   Tomorrow is launch day and the best Ouya game available now is The Amazing Frog ... where is this "ton of launch content" ???
  11.   Revenge
  12. I have been told (unreliably) that Kinect sensors will NOT be available as spare parts ... In other words when the Kinect breaks you have to buy a new X1
  13. from the horses mouth:   http://news.xbox.com/Search?q=licensing
  14.   Me too, and I won't have a webcam in the house, the times I have walked naked into a room only to see myself on a laptop screen being sent across the world to my parents-in-law
  15. If Microsoft were smart they would have left physical disc licensing as it is and announced all the good news related to strong DRM-style licensing for download only games   "We will allow you to share downloaded games with up to 10 friends" would have been an PR coup!   Muppetsoft why are you so confused? Oh yes, too many software people in one place, common sense goes out the window ...   Personally I love watching them fail again and again and again ...