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  1. Oh, ok. thnx. lol its been a long time since i've done C++. lol. sorry bout the stupid q
  2. Yeah the picture is a built in function in VB. I managed to fix the problem, it was the fact that i was calling it every frame and the fact that i had it in so many loops (two of which i had there did nothing, seemed right at the time. lol), that and i had the index part screwed up. so its all working good now. lol. but thanks a bunch for the help
  3. Yeah, i realize the built in functions arnt very good, but im not gunna be sticking with VB for this game, im learning Java and plan on making the game in Java, i just wanted to consturct a simple tile editor that would produce a file that could be read and interpreted in my game to make the maps, that way i can get started now. lol. But thnx for the suggestion.
  4. lol sorry, but what is the %? it comes up with an error, it isnt X * 0.13 is it?
  5. Hello again, lol. i know i've been asking alot on these forums lately, and its been a really big help, and i'd like to thank everyone who helped. Now, for the question. ok, im building a tile engine that uses 32x32 tiles, there set up in a 13X13 grid. Now they are arranged by index number (0,1,2,3...168) and i need to access them by the x,y co-ords. i know how to get the Index number from the x,y co-ords ((y*width)+x = index), however i dont know how to get the x,y from the index. can neone help on this? thanks.
  6. Ok, i narrowed it down to one line, when you comment this line out of the code it runs perfectly fine. can neone see nething wrong with this line?? Tiles(q - 1 + a - 1).Picture = LoadPicture(App.Path + "\tiles\" + LTrim(Str(TileNum(q - 1, a - 1, worldx, worldy))) + ".gif")
  7. Well thanks abunch for tryin man, i was somewhat following a tutorial however, it did some stuff differently then i need to do, and i ran into this problem. it just seems that the timer is right slow and eventually it just crashes. seems like its just eating all the memory or something..
  8. even if someone can just let me know whats wrong, i could try and figure out how to fix it. well, thanks
  9. Hello, im making a simple tile engine which will eventually just print a text file the number of the tile, wether its walkable or not, and if its a trigger (scripts). However, i have a timer that changes the tiles on the screen to the appropriate one, this way i can have multiple "maps". right now, its 32x32 tiles on a 13x13 tile grid, and the map consists of 20x20 of the grids. However, when i run the code (and its not done yet to boot. lol) the time goes extremly slow and eventually crashes. This is the first time this has happened to me, as this is the fist big app. i've built. can someone please help figure out why? thnx ---------------------------------------------------------------- Dim Map(13, 13, 20, 20) As Integer 'Map size, x, y, worldx, worldy Dim Walk(13, 13, 20, 20) As Integer 'Duplicate map file, to see if the tile is walkable Dim Trigger(13, 13, 20, 20) As Integer 'Duplicate map file, to see if the tile is a trigger Dim TileNum(13, 13, 20, 20) As Integer 'which tile is used Dim x2, y2 As Integer 'tile x,y co-ords Public worldx, worldy As Integer 'x,y co-ords for the selected screen Private Sub CmdMapDown_Click() 'Moves the map position down one. If worldy + 1 < 20 Then 'If its not already at the bottom.. worldy = worldy + 1 'increase the Maps Y co-ord Else 'if its at the edge, inform them Beep MsgBox "Already At Bottom" End If End Sub Private Sub CmdMapLeft_Click() 'Moves the map position to the left one. If worldx - 1 >= 0 Then 'if its not already at the left border.. worldx = worldx - 1 'decrease the Maps Y co-ord Else ' if its at the edge, inform them Beep MsgBox "Already At the Left Border" End If End Sub Private Sub CmdMapRight_Click() 'Moves the map position to the right one If worldx + 1 < 20 Then 'If its not already at the right border.. worldx = worldx + 1 'increase the Maps x co-ord Else 'if its at the edge, inform them Beep MsgBox "Already at the right border" End If End Sub Private Sub CmdMapUp_Click() 'Moves the map position up one. If worldy > 0 Then 'if the map isnt already at the top.. worldy = worldy - 1 'decrese the Maps Y co-ord Else 'if its at the edge, inform them Beep MsgBox "Already at the top" End If End Sub Private Sub Form_Load() worldx = 0 'set the maps co-ords to 0,0 worldy = 0 For q = 1 To 14 'set each tile to grass as defualt For a = 1 To 14 For z = 1 To 21 For w = 1 To 21 TileNum(q - 1, a - 1, z - 1, w - 1) = 1 Next w Next z Next a Next q End Sub Private Sub TimeInfo_Timer() lblMapX.Caption = worldx 'display the maps x co-ord lblMapY.Caption = worldy 'display the maps y co-ord End Sub Private Sub TimeTile_Timer() For q = 1 To 14 'change each tile on the map to the appropriate tile number. For a = 1 To 14 For z = 1 To 20 For w = 1 To 20 Tiles(q - 1 + a - 1).Picture = LoadPicture(App.Path + "\tiles\" + Str(TileNum(q - 1, a - 1, worldx, worldy)) + ".gif") Next w Next z Next a Next q End Sub ----------------------------------------------------------------- well so far thats my entire program, the last sub procedure for the timer Time Tile seems to crash the program. the times interval is set to 1, so it should be faster then it is. i personally dont know why it would do this. well, Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks, that fixed that problem, however, now there is a space infront of the 1, so it cant find the file. lol. is there neway i can fix this? thnx
  11. Hello, im attempting to change an image in a picture box in vb, however im a four dimensional array to store the image number (in this case the number is 1, and that works correctly, have debugged it.) and then the file extension (.gif) would be tagged on to the end. however for some reason it is giving me an error, saying "type mismatch". this is gunna be a stupid error on my part, but im just too tired to figure it out. so thnx for the help. heres the line thats causing my problem: Tiles(q - 1 + a - 1).Picture = LoadPicture(App.Path + "\tiles\" + TileNum(q - 1, a - 1, worldx, worldy) + ".gif") Thanks in advance for the help, its much appreciated