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  1. RT @ThatKevinSmith: 94 years ago, a god was born who'd bring us heroes that'd fuel both our imaginations and our aspirations. Happy Birthda…
  2. RT @boardgamerpinup: Islebound! It plays pretty quickly at about 45-60 minutes with four players. Loads of fun.?? #boardgames #holidays htt…
  3. sanwayzar

    Collaboration Success Stories

      Thank you for sharing, Brain! How did you and your close friend(s) decide to make a game together? Did one approach the other about a project they wanted to create, or did it just happen organically while talking about games/work? What game(s) did you create together? Where did the budget for subcontractors come from (personal savings?)   Thanks again!
  4. RT @Not_Jeff: New Podcast - learning from failure and how to prepare with @MarkSierens and @Prettiest_Matt https://t.co/fEay5MNO6k
  5. Power to the Meeple podcast: Learning From and Preparing For Failures https://t.co/O82JwYf2dn via @cardboardedison #tabletop #gamedev
  6. sanwayzar

    Collaboration Success Stories

    Very interesting story, thank you for sharing! What you're describing seems more like work-for-hire to me. For "exploring other opportunities for developing more complex games", have you or are you thinking of cooperating with other dev teams on joint projects? (since you already have a team, and 17 is a pretty big size for indie dev.) Have you reached out to other devs with interesting projects? With a dev team your size, I'm curious why you would find outside (rev share) ideas interesting to pursue, rather than developing ideas born from your own team members? (I'd expect at least a few would have game ideas they're dying to make.)
  7. RT @IndieGameAllies: IGA's going digital! We're proud to announce huge new partnerships with @TabletopiaGames, @TabletopSim & @prizmlabs! h…
  8. RT @CardboardEdison: Our feed of the best #podcasts about board game design is available here: https://t.co/0yAKcwi1h7
  9. RT @AzimVenksta: One of my favorite GIFs. No idea who made it. https://t.co/5qC4fRp6h6
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