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  1. Christmas seen by StoneTrip... Magic of Christmas and double present, for this end of the year ... 1st present...StoneTrip releases the version 1.5.3 of ShiVa and removes the limit of the 500 resources by archive for the INDIE version. ShiVa INDIE becomes ShiVa UNLIMITED et ShiVa PRO becomes ShiVa ADVANCED. 2nd present...By buying now ShiVa UNLIMITED, get ShiVa ADVANCED instead of ShiVa UNLIMITED!!! Warning, only the first 100 buyers will benefit. New functionalities of ShiVa 1.5.3 [click here to download ShiVa 1.5.3 version PLE] > 3D Spatialized sound > Improved Movie playback > Override des rendermaps, textureclips, movieclips from StoneScript > hud.setEditSecure, for password entries > hud.playMovie, hud.stopMovie, hud.pauseMovie > NAVMesh multi level > Sensor Box Gallery "Users" Discover what users have created with ShiVa in the new GALLERY USERS on - KIDNET, a 3D game for children. - ATRIUM, 3D Real Time presentations for professionals. - SIRIUS, educational game. - BATAILLE DE CHAR, Multiplayer strategic Game. [Edited by - StoneTeams06 on December 10, 2007 3:45:43 AM]
  2. The ShiVa 3D game development platform is available in a new version, including a lot of little enhancements and some new features like : - Static ambient occlusion (vertex color and lightmap) - Object animation support (without skeleton) - AnimClipEditor version 1 (only preview for now) - Movie rendering into Materials - HUD rendering into RenderMaps - Desktop customizable layouts - Skin support improvements (and new skins) - Direct3D Renderer version 1 - Win32 installer export All information on this new version in 'News>News' Any comments will be welcome...
  3. In order to fill user requests, Stonetrip makes available first contact video tutorials for it’s 3D real time development platform, ShiVa The first are available on the developer website, section ‘Video tutorials’ XSI ans 3dsmax Import, scene creation, material creation, navigation first contact, OSV Framework Integration, … Those are the first and a lot of new will follow. And now, it's possible to ask, in the forum, tutorials you need! the team will do the best to make them, so don't hesitate to give us your ideas. Any comments will be welcome ;)
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