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  1. joshLangley

    [FREE][Beta] Retro RPG Online 2 - Client Open Source

    If anyone is an avid game RPG musician maker we need you!! I have looked through dozens of music samples and decided that I really need unique music for the game and possibly need new sound effects. The music can be closed source, I cant promise money up front, but currently we have 4 maps with an extension of maybe 5 to 6 maps. I'm willing to profits share after the first thousand dollars made (I have server back costs to cover). The client is open source so ideally id like the music to be as well but it's up to the musician. Note - I have not got a credits page but when I do which will be prior to retail release will list you of course. Ideas for music: synth / 8-bit or mystical music? The basic storyline is this boy has found himself in a dream fantasy land which he cannot escape. There is not meant to be an end-game lol, and currently the level cap is like 200 from memory (though currently our limited creature sprites only cover to level 100 approx). Each map will ideally have its own main music, perhaps individual monsters can have there own music as well? As there usually confined to certain area levels. I can make it so the closest monsters music plays and fades in and out accordingly. Anyway I've worked really really f**king hard on modifying from Asky/Browserquest the client and server engine at no payment and would massively appreciate some musical compositions cheers and thanks for reading.
  2. joshLangley

    [FREE][Beta] Retro RPG Online 2 - Client Open Source

    Just thought I'd update the Player User Interface has had an overhaul and the window backgrounds are pure html/css without images (except the close buttons). I have yet to update the NPC windows as they will require more complex adjustments particularly for lower resolution devices. Enjoy!
  3. A Retro 2D (2-Dimensional) Overhead Online Cartoon Role-Playing Game for all ages. This requires a online connection. Currently in Open Beta, this features two main classes Ranged and Close Combat. For both classes you will have access to several Skills which each can be upgraded by using them. This shares common classic Role-Playing Game elements, such as Levelling, Exploration, Socializing, Battling, Progressing your Character, Obtainable Items, Weapons and Armor, which can be created and upgraded, Shops, Auctions and a Look Merchant to customize the look of your avatar. We also feature a bonus XP system that will give you Experience just for moving/attacking. It has Player versus Player combat which is unlocked at level 20. The Engine has dynamic map generation which will enable us to create allot of Maps with less effort. It is simple to play, yet has some powerful mechanics that even hardcore players will like. This Engine is in active development so expect updates!! Technical Info: We have a optimized renderer which takes into account re-using scrolled tiles which roughly doubles the performance of the FPS when the camera moves. It also is largely customized from BrowserQuest and Asky's BrowserQuest Engines so map loading is done on the fly. We also have map generators which can build large maps on the fly and the client can switch to one pretty fast (a few seconds). We currently only support Phones and Tablets however we may be looking to make a port to Xbox One. Play for FREE at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.retrorpgonline2 The Client has gone Open Source. See: https://github.com/Langerz82/RetroRPGOnline2Client
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