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  1. I Am Legend

    Game engine for huge terrains?

    Ogre, more of a graphics library than a game engine but it has the plugins to handle everything you said
  2. I Am Legend

    The Late Night Update

    for animating waves and ripples could you have a global variable tat runs through a loop and when it reaches a certain number start a sort of flood fill algorithm from a central tile that then passes it on to surrounding tiles that are water tiles which then trigger the surrounding ones radiating from the centre.
  3. I Am Legend

    Isometric mmo engine

    If you use flash, you could try this: http://www.openspace-engine.com/
  4. I Am Legend

    What is the best for the futur ?

    You could also use Mogre
  5. I Am Legend

    Applet + HTML format for MMO's

    What about Dead Frontier. Actual gameplay is in flash, accessed using a web interface though, all your stats are on the bars on the sides of the screen. Something like that?
  6. I Am Legend

    MMORoleplay: Menial Tasks?

    Quote:Original post by Iron Chef Carnage What if mopping the guild hall was a puzzle, offering rewards for efficient use of water, speed of completion, and offering faction bonuses for not accidentally buffing a small cat into the floorboards? How about if untangling the rigging and coiling the lines on the deck of the ship is a rhythm game, like Beat Beat Agents? Flying formation with your NPC squad leader on a twenty-minute patrol through the asteroid field could call upon player and character skill alike to get full marks, allowing it to be a rewarding, stimulating experience even if the patrol is totally uneventful in a PvP sense. Escort job on a trade caravan? Ten, fifteen minutes, maybe, although there are longer routes you can sign up for. I take it you have played Puzzle Pirates?:) That game does a very mediocre job of menial tasks. It still makes an attempt though. And you can also pretty much escort caravans, except you're just sailing on a navy ship. And just my opinion, I tried to play Runescape about two weeks back, found that I prefer trading on the new Grand Exchange than the fighting. Weird.
  7. Well, as the title says. I am currently trying to output a multi-dimensional int array to a text file. I was thinking it should be something like: for (int i = 0; i < max; i ++) { ghg = rand.Next(50); array = ghg; } ....... for (int i = 0; i < x1; i++) { for (int e = 0; e < x2; e++) { mapContainer += heightmap[i, e]; } } ... streamWriter.Write(mapContainer); Is this correct? [Edited by - I Am Legend on October 31, 2008 9:31:51 PM]
  8. yeah you're right. I'm programming in C#. And I left out the using statements etc. and just showed the functions as they would be the meat of the problem
  9. once again i screwed up. thanks for the heads up
  10. woops, forgot to add that. I was a bit preoccupied. Fixing it now
  11. I Am Legend

    [web] AJAX or Silverlight 2?

    Quote:Original post by PaulCesar If I am not mistaken, SilverLight is applet based, so its a replacement for flash, activeX, Java applets, etc. It provides you with ALOT more fine grain control then JS does (alot of .NET), but at the same time it does not natively play with the browser, you would have to use JS callback's, etc. You also have to deal with compatibility issues with SL, Im not sure the level of MAC/LINUX support for starters, whereas javascript can be pretty cross platform. Well, the cross-platform compatibility is kinda covered by moonlight, for linux at least. Long live Mono
  12. http://www.ziggyware.com/readarticle.php?article_id=168 use ziggyware.com, site has great tutorials for xna
  13. I Am Legend

    User Generated Content for Sale

    Garry's Mod is a mod for Half-Life 2. That's selling for 10 dollars. No reason something else good shouldn't be sold
  14. I Am Legend

    I wanna be a Unix Programmer

    No .Net in Linux, blasphemy:) No seriously, the Mono project is a free software library with the development supported by Microsoft. It's .Net except supports both Windows, Mac and Linux and has an IDE like the IDE Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named and the aforementioned KDevelop called MonoDevelop(what else. The imagination these devs have:)), there's also Mono bindings for Tao if you want to do game programing and a GTK# form designer for applications
  15. I Am Legend

    I wanna be a Unix Programmer

    No .Net in Linux, blasphemy:) No seriously, the Mono project is a free software library with the development supported by Microsoft. It's .Net except supports both Windows, Mac and Linux and has an IDE like the IDE Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named and the aforementioned KDevelop
  16. I Am Legend

    Sandbox Construction?

    Antheus pretty much answered it, but for persistent entities, I read about a year back that Oblivion had two AI packages for eachh entity. The first one was a schedule that was set by the developer and was used when the player character was a few zones away (they split the world into a grid) and the second one was much more in-depth and used when the player was closer. This was fighting and all that stuff
  17. Quote:Original post by BlackRetina A co-operative (2 player) style of play I'd like to see in a game is one where the second player gets some control over environmental factors (Final Destination style) but may not have a physical character. Something like the powers the Zombie Master has in the the HL2 mod Zombie Master. He can set traps which cause stuff to crush players and stuff. Couldn't find a video that has it happening:( Happens anyway, you'll have to trust me:)
  18. I Am Legend


    poo, it was www.j2play.net :) oops
  19. I Am Legend


    www.j2play.com Has anybody used their service. It actually seems cool. Like Kongregate, except not just for flash
  20. I Am Legend

    3D Tower Defense, Part 2

    Looks nice. What control is that grid? Thankee
  21. I'm making a 2d multiplayer game and I'm wondering would it be viable to save the data of the players i.e kills, weapons purchased etc. to a web server which the game client would log in to to get the details?
  22. I believe there's a tutorial on C# with lidgren on ziggyware. Check it out
  23. Three Rings Design have open-sourced their one. It's in Java, just to tell you. You'll find it on their page, click the link for gamesgarden I think it is
  24. I Am Legend

    Using a web server to hold details of players

    thanks for the answer Antheus. HPlus, if a guy cares enough about a small game to hack it, I must have done something right:). But good point, good encryption should help slow down the speed at which it is hacked
  25. I Am Legend

    Vertical Scrolling Help

    I didn't read the whole lot of the code but why do you set the speed to 0 if the Y position is 0. I don't think that should be there, make it your scroll speed
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