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  1. Sanctux

    Say, where's good to visit in the USA?

    I'm quite biased here, but you have to check out San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego in California.
  2. Sanctux


    Just felt the effects of 6.9 Baja California earthquake here in San Diego. Amazing how fast information goes about the world with today's technology. Anyone else feel or hear about it?
  3. Sanctux

    The joy of being managed & immunized...

    Quote:Original post by Toolmaker 3 years ago when they had to remove 4 premolars and 1 wisdom tooth I got EIGHT injections stabbed into my mouth, gum and palate. Getting 4 shots in your arm is nothing. All in one sitting? Damn.
  5. Sanctux

    Google Chrome Extensions

    It's official. Google Chrome has me defecating brix, especially with the long-awaited arrival of extensions. It seems to me every product Google creates has some special quality to it that draws me in. What's there not to like about Google products?
  6. Sanctux

    Apple iPad

    The iPad released? But it's not even April yet... impossible...
  7. Sanctux

    Craziest/most far out book you ever read?

    Twilight. Okay, so I've never read it, but I've read some lines in it, and I must say I am appalled.
  8. Sanctux

    designing a two player game

    Quote:Original post by nitesh I am not able to understand how to make both the players move simultaneously. Most electronic entities don't actually do something simultaneously. Your screen, for example, doesn't actually color all the pixels on your screen at simultaneously. It's done in a different manner, though the results are so fast that the human eye could care less. Usually, you would update the state and data of one player's vehicle, then the other; only after you've done that will they actually be rendered onto the screen, giving the illusion that the players are moving "simultaneously." However, if for some reason you still wish for the logic to run simultaneously, you could try multithreading, though I'd avoid that for a project such as this, as it adds unnecessary and avoidable complexity. Still, even with multithreading, you can never really be sure that the parallel logic is being run simultaneously, unless of course excessive effort is put into that.
  9. Sanctux

    Proofreading and linguistics

    I'm still rather young, and I've had several spur-of-the-moment-type "passions," until I realized they were more like interests than passions. Perhaps one day I'll find out what my true passion is. Thanks, Tom.
  10. Sanctux

    Proofreading and linguistics

    Quote:Original post by Tom Sloper Quote:Original post by Sanctux Are you saying game companies do not have copy editors or proofreaders as specific professions? You have accurately deduced my meaning. Was I being too subtle? How would you (as a copy editor) suggest I should have worded that? I'm being serious -- I seek to improve. You weren't being subtle, I was simply in disbelief. I'd always thought there was a specific person in the game industry responsible for proofreading-related tasks, seeing the nicely polished literary qualities in several of my favorite games. I apologize. I'm not actually a copy editor; rather, I'm a student. Could you expand a little bit on your second point? Quote:2. Hmm. Tricky. Look, if this is the kind of thing you're passionate about, you should stick with it. Eventually you'll find your niche, even if nobody here can come up with a viable answer for you. Not that it's being presented in a subtle manner. [grin] I'm just curious.
  11. Sanctux

    Proofreading and linguistics

    Thanks for the replies, guys and gal. Quote:Original post by Tom Sloper Quote:Original post by Sanctux 1. I was just wondering: is proofreading a feasible profession? 1. Yes -- at a company whose business is book publishing, or translation, or whose business otherwise constantly involves the output of copious amounts of text. Not at a game company. (If that's what you were asking.) Are you saying game companies do not have copy editors or proofreaders as specific professions?
  12. IIRC, SFML uses: // Only works in certain circumstances. // Use at own peril. :) // Refer to Codeka's post. enum Foo { Bar, Foobar, Fubar, COUNT }; or something similar.
  13. I was just wondering: is proofreading a feasible profession? I often find myself scrutinizing the often-overlooked nuances of English grammar, punctuation, and conventional style in whatever it is I may be reading, whether it be an entry in a game lore database, a treatise on economics, or a particularly eloquent poem in the Valkyrie Profile series. An incorrectly placed "whom" or neglected subjunctive case on an advertisement or promotional work instantly degrades my perspective on whatever it may be promoting; same thing happens when I encounter these errors in character dialogue subtitles or mission objectives, and it always detracts from my gameplay experience. I find I am very much at ease analyzing text for creating a feel of crisp professionalism. What sort of career or profession could involve the little things? Not the creation of entire storylines or plots, but an intro poem, witty Latin quotations, and perhaps the occasional exotic alien language.
  14. Your userResponse function will always return true. Specifically, if (x == 'y'||'Y') will always return true because 'Y' is a non-zero value. I think you meant to write: if (x == 'y' || x == 'Y') Likewise, if (x == 'n' ||'N') should be rewritten as: if (x == 'n' || x == 'N')
  15. Sanctux

    Which language has the most consistent phonology?

    Personally, I love English, and I feel it's fitting as a universal language; of course, there are a few disputes among linguists, but most of them are due to zealots clinging to tradition rather than logic. For instance, I find it rather unbearable how the "foo." style of punctuation is mandatory for Americans (the alternate "bar". style being regarded as incorrect if used in American English context); whereas, in British English—rather, English used anywhere other than in the United States—one may choose to use either, as long as one remains consistent with the preferred usage.
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