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  1. The good old "which one"; choosing a language.

    Here's my 2 cents. If you have no experience programming, get some. Fast. There's no way you can do much of any game development if you don't have a mastery of basic programming skills (and math). Couple of options you might want to check out. GameMaker, which gives you a great environment to learn the basics of game development, with limited programming skills will help you gather some experience in the game development techniques and give you some programming intro. The other is Micosoft's Kudo (I think that is the name) which also will provide an intro into game development as well as some basic programming skills. Take an introductory programming class (if you haven't already). C++, C# are just 2 languages that can be used in game programming. There's also Java, Python, Visual Basic, which all have lots of books out there already written for various levels of game development and programming. Any programming language experience can be parlayed into another programming language, so don't limit yourself to the misconception that there can be only 1. And finally, if you haven't already, check out local schools (especially community colleges in the US) for introductory game development courses. Some are offered on-line as well as in a classroom environment. Some do not require much or any programming experience, and they can give you more basic knowledge in the process so that you can make informed decisions about game engines, or language choices. Some are inexpensive, some are not, but do check them out.