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  1. Hey guys,   I have an almost finished game here. I need some people to try it out!. The premise of the game is simple, try and get to the exit!   BTW, if presented the option, try it at the highest resolution / graphical settings!   Submit your opinions here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1u6j_qmTSGNdfXap97xkki7GDu2mZ7lUXHlWvt4ey_PY/viewform?c=0&w=1   Downloads: PC: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mh4f2315wjbf4ef/Grimoire%20Shuffle%20PC.rar?dl=0 Linux: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yzyvoe3pmi0bd1k/Grimoire%20Shuffle%20Linux.rar?dl=0 MAC: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8i2rslj019n6ujf/macgrmioire.app.rar?dl=0 Android: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ireldtdfgvbw65l/GrimoireShuffleAndroid.apk?dl=0   Screenshot:  
  2. hmmm.... yeah thats right, I guess I could base the costs on the number of downloads of the 1st version of the game ( second release will have wifi battles + more levels ). or something like that.
  3. Huh? Oh, sorry I ment to say wacky, as in kinda weird and fun. maybe I could just put ads in the wifi part of the game? I was also thinking of making the game a free download, because almost no one pays for ds homebrew... thats why i thought of advertising
  4. Im creating a homebrew game for ds flash cartridge owners, and before I get to far in my project, I was wondering if an idea would work, heres my idea. Everyweek I would update my game with new advertisments, so whoever downloaded it then would get new ads, however the advertisments would be subtle and out of the way ( for example on a peice of ground ). I was wondering if anyone would buy into in game advertising if the price was very cheap, say $10 to adsvertise on 1 level ( say 2 or 3 subtle ads in the background ). Im not worried that it would take away from the game, simply because its kind of a wacky game. Again do you think anyone would do this kind of advertising? [Edited by - zabo on December 19, 2009 3:21:08 PM]
  5. I cant get into my admin account ( I am using windows vista ) how do I get my password?
  6. I think you guys are really taking this out of context, think about it, in oblivian, it does not tell you the exact stats of the sword, yet it forces the player to decide for him/her self which weapon they like better. I love the game and I never run to the enternet for help.
  7. I think its called 1945 or something, but its a cool game.
  8. thanks for the ideas I really think a time limit setting things up will create some amount of mistakes on the players side, also factoring in all those other hings could really make them take some time to make a decision, adding in the different types of enemies, ( you will know what is coming, just not how much ) it could create a level of caos, thanks person above me.
  9. how about letting a single "loner" player, choose 3 or 4 robotic teamates? or how about he can use up to 4 different races and start with 4 times the recources? this could fill the gap I guess. Or if it is an entirely online how about the person has to pair up with people he or she does not know?
  10. wow, that is strikingly similar to the game I am in the middle of creating, however my game is soley restricted to the set up of defences, you can however decide when to unleash your pent up armies you keep in a cage lol. however looking a second time, that game seems to be more about your character, and there a lot less enemies than mine, and it less dependant on cool traps and such. [Edited by - zabo on February 11, 2009 1:21:07 AM]
  11. The game I am creating is still highly in its pen and paper phase, ( except for creating sprites and such, it is a 2-d game ) the purpose of this game is to create a defence inside a network of caves using things like mini moats, pit traps, guys with guns set in a defensive position, even moving walls with spikes, and other things ( a lot more ), once your defence is set up a horde of enemies will fly toward your defences trying to get to your objective to protect. I am wondering how to make this more of a challanging game. Any Ideas for some kind of problems that could affect the game that people have to build around or anything to make it a challange would be good.
  12. heres a peice of my code---------------> fanatic=loadmesh("fanatic.b3d") for a=1 to 100 fanatic2=copyentity(fanatic) positionentity fanatic2,rnd(1000,1200),0,rnd(200,400) freeentity fanatic next While not keyhit(1) if entitydistance (fanatic2,player)<1000 then pointentity fanatic2,player moveentity fanatic2,0,0,1 endif For some reason the "fanatics" wont chase me the player. can you help me find out why? [Edited by - zabo on November 22, 2007 10:30:11 PM]
  13. i never copy code because its like some devine mysticle force wants to stop it from working.... it sounds weird but my code( if its copied) usually only works if its saved try that(do you think its my computer or the language?).
  14. I found a way to speed up my game instead of making 100 aliens just make 100 copies! and use free entity to erase the old one.
  15. captain p you are probably right about my highscores. thanks for the tip on saving memory space! Ravuya you are probably right about my low scores . THANKS GUYS!