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  1. [b]Hey Everyone![/b] This is announcement to let everyone know our Browser Action RPG game [b]HERO-ARENA[/b] is now seeking funding on IndieGogo ! [url=""]CLICK HERE to visit the page and show your support! [/url]Spread the word around if you can ! Here is the information provided in the page and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to Reply, PM me , or send me an email at . Thank you ! [font=sans-serif][size=3] [b] [img][/img][/b] [img][/img] Hero-Arena is an Action RPG game developed using the Unity3d engine that will be FREE TO PLAY and available for both PC and MAC using your browser or through download with optional iOS and Android releases in the future. It is played from an over the shoulder third person perspective where you control 1 of several characters you can customize in arenas, defeating monsters either alone in single player or mode, or with a friend in multiplayer. Also competitive PVP modes and leaderboards will keep the longevity of this game going ! The game will have ever expanding content to match holiday events and have an open content system that will contiously be updated ![list] [*]Not just a point and click game. Use your dodging, blocking and attacking in different patterns to make them effective [*]Level up and learn new abilities, unlock classes and arenas [*]Singleplayer and Multiplayer online CooP and PVP modes from any pc or mac computer with a browser ! [/list] [img][/img][/size][/font][font=sans-serif][size=3] Hero-Arena has been in development for a long time. We wanted a working prototype with some our features ingame before we decided to bring it public to indiegogo so that we would only start it when we need funding. The money will be going towards : [list] [*]Licensing the approperiate engines and technology we need [*]Creation of assets and development of the game [*]Implementation of local and online features [*]Multiplayer Development and Hosting [*]Higher Quality Models , Environments and Details [*]If our goal reaches beyond the 10k mark we will also include a mini-game mode to play against friends online while earning gold and experience ! [/list] [img][/img] Team Dark Side Of The Pixel or DSOTP for short consists of a wide variety of talents from all across Canada ! We have 4 dedicated members and 3 part time members each with a specialized skill and trade. The team leader and founder of Dark Side Of the Pixel , David B.R , is a 2d/3d Generalist with a background working on over 10 indie games alone. Our Lead Animator and Lead Programmer both also have published titles under their belt and all our members are adults who are certified in their field of work ![/size][/font] [font=sans-serif][size=3] [img][/img][/size][/font][font=sans-serif][size=3] Hero-Arena is all about customization. We want you to feel like you've got unlimited choices in customising and creating your characters just the way you want to be online.[list] [*]6+ Classes to choose from including Guardian, Magician, Assassin and the Reaper ! All classes have unique weapons and armor looks ! [*]Earn gold and level up in the single player mode, then head online into the frantic multiplayer arenas to earn points, unlock new content, and defeat your friends ! [*]Customize your character the way you want, without effecting your stats you can alter your look to perfection ! Skintone, Eyes, Hats and Clothing are all customizable ! [*]3 Different arenas to battle monsters in , each with mini bosses and final bosses ! Unlockable arenas to come afterwards ! [*]Play from any browser, anywhere, using the Unity3d plugin. [/list] Weapons in the game are locked to their respective classes. For instance, the blood drenched REAPERS can use their SCYTHES to attack while the nimble ARCHERS can use their BOWS. [img][/img][/size][/font][font=sans-serif][size=3] ARMOR SETS are also a big part of the game. Customizable from Head to Toe and unique armors available for different classes : [img][/img] [img][/img] So, what happens if we make it over our budget ? We expand the game even further. Additional plans include having an entirely 3d mini-town / lobby system, minigames, forum character implementations and much much more. Every dollar goes towards expanding our game to be the greatest gaming online playing and social experience around ! [img][/img] Be sure to check out some of our videos of Hero-Arena as we were working on it publicly to see how the progress is - [url=""][/url] [img][/img] We are delighted to have you supporting not just our game as a team, but our game as a whole community. With your contributions and our development skills were bound to make Hero-Arena a name to be remembered all through the gaming world ![/size][/font]
  2. iPhone Developers

    Just wondering in mass how many people here actually plan/have/will develop games for the iPhone ? I for one am I big enthusiast and look forward to making some games. I'm hoping in the future to make a sidescroller or beat em up style game in the vain of Double Dragon / River City Ransom. I think my fav game so far for controls and playability is either Cro-Mag or Galcon.