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  1. Power of Android in the Smartphone Industry

    Problem with Android (Android Dev here) the platform has far far more piracy than iOS, to the point of some games having a 98% unpaid user rate. There are just too many junk apps on Android, because it is unsupervised.
  2. Reminds me of the Extra Credits, on YouTube, series on the same subject.
  3. Yea, the issue is based in GameDev.Net, but even in the YouTube version the padding is very small.
  4. Building Block Heroes - Lessons Learned

    The text box in the last screenshot could use an upgrade
  5. I think the thumbnail on needs to have more padding space around the words added. It looks like "Most" and "RTS" are outside of the image. I will check the actual YouTube version, because it could just be GD.Net's site.
  6. What is VoCM

    The chicken looks great!
  7. Epic Games Releases Early Access for VR Mode on Mac

    Happy to see more Mac support.
  8. Okay, Family Guy is on the edge of kid cartoonish, while some of this game's characters are solidly in the middle of that field. ;P
  9. Completely Free of Ads and IAP! Maybe this should be some kind of badges. While it was the item that drew me into clicking on it, I think it uses a ton of space in the thumbnail.
  10. Weekly Indie Devlog - 01 ( We start )

    Maybe if there was more material or correct capitulation of words like "i" you would see an increase in comments.
  11. Quick look into DualTD

    Wondering what you will be doing to the grey area, I would think it's unused area.
  12. Quick crafting synopsis

    I like the idea of the fan pan as the background to the cooking crafting scene.
  13. Concept Idea - Illustration Update #4

    LOL, it would be better to edit the post than to list the additional material in the comments. Sadly, people looking to write a comment are going to be the bulk of users that read that section.