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    multiple mesh rendering

    Thank you very much. I will give a try.
  2. Hi everyone, I have asked this question last year and got solution for it. Please see http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=516844&forum_id=25&gforum_id=0 but now question is that what if two meshes are partial inside of each other? with sorting method I can only see one mesh through another, but not reversed. Any suggestion? thanks a lot.
  3. Thanks a lot V-man. I will try.
  4. Hi, I am having an issue with rendering multiple surfaces with difference opacity. The problem is: mesh A and B. B is inside of A. If I render A, then render B and change the opacity of B, B will not be seen unless opacity A is 0. If I render B first, then render A, it seems ok. I cannot actually just switch the rendering order, since I have more than 2 meshes and I also don't know which one is inside of others. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks a lot. myfeng
  5. myfeng

    GL_SELECT mode in VBOs

    Thanks a lot. I will try it.
  6. Hi V-man, Thanks for your response. I actually QT QGLWdiget::renderText to render the text and my own OpenGL code to render the mesh. The entire scene rendering includes mesh and backgroud. The text rendering is the part of the backgound. so now the problem is that I don't see text rendering if render the mesh using VBOs. It's find when I turn VBO off for mesh rendering. Hope you understand my problem better. Thanks, myfeng.
  7. Hi, All my text rendering are lost if I use VBOs to render the 3D surface. Did any one has the same problem? Thanks, myfeng
  8. Hi experts, This is an old issue and I saw a couple thread regarding this posted a couple years ago, but I couldn't find the solution. Does anyone know this? Thanks a lot in advance. I have tried something like this: Mesh::Render(GLenum mode) { if (mode == GL_RENDER && !m_VBOLoaded) { BuildVBOs(); m_VBOLoaded = true; } if (mode == GL_SELECT) { clearVBOS(); m_VBOLoaded = false; } renderMesh(); -->this is also a Mesh function and calls gldrawElements to render a mesh; } I did in this way, since Picking is so slow with VBOs. I tried to remove VBOs and use normal vetex array to render in picking mode. Is this supposed to work? I have been trying this and it looks like it works if I only load one or two meshes and it crashs if I load a lot meshes. not sure it's my code problem or it's just the wrong idea. Thanks, Ching
  9. Hi Mantear, Forgive me using this way to find you. I saw you posted a thread in 3/13/2005 regarding "VBO and picking". I am also having this problem now. Did you find the solution for it? I will appreciate it if you can share the solution. Please email me at myfeng@hotmail.com if possible. Thanks a lot, myfeng
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