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    First, there are so many 3D graphics engines and 3D Game Engines from open source to commercial. These engines range from several years old to current. Second, looking at these engines, it is impossible to even get the slightest information on installing and setting up these engines. Last, you think that these engines would come with tools, but most of them do not. They leave you stranded. I have investigated everything from CrystalSpace, Genesis3D, G3D, Jet3D, Irrlicht, Ogre3D, Panda3D, Lite-C (Game Studio 3D), Cube, Unreal Engine, Torque, XNA, DarkGDI, Blender, Quark Army Knife, TrueSpace, XSI, MilkShape3D, and Reality Factory. If I want to develope in XNA for example, then you are stranded in not having a modeler, level editor/world editor, terrain generator, image program, etc. If I want to develope in Torque for example, you have to fork out a lot of money for all of the tools. I am on a budget right now. Isn't there any tools (modelers, level editors, world editors) that can work with XNA per say and that are free? Isn't there a group of game programmers, developers, and/or designers that I can join? Doing this alone is impossible!
  2. I am quite new to game development, and I have gone from throwing out XNA and Torque. I am looking into 3D Game Studio using Lite-C. On the other hand, I have played PS2 games such as Jak and Daxter (I know that they are old), and I am wondering a few things. Looking at this game's terrain, it is very different in that Jak and Daxter have to jump up onto cliffs, etc. Most terrain generators look like they cannot handle this type of terrain. I went to the Jak and Daxter site, and it looks like the cliffs and mountains are models placed onto a flat terrain. Am I correct about this, or could someone enlighten my how this game's terrain was built.
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