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  1. I wonder how do you guys, who work as a single (lone wolf) developers of indie games make a living of it?   From all of the jobs I've ever tried it turned out that game development, especially if you work alone, is one of the toughest jobs to be successful with. This is true for most of stand-alone jobs in general but for game development it even more stands out. To create some basic game and to sell it, you have to master multiple areas of game development - programming, visual art, animation, marketing and some sound engineering also. Besides these "technical and artistic" knowledges, one has to have some sense for creation of some innovative game logic which is most of the time required in heavily saturated market in order to stand out of the crowd. One must also have some sense for level design to make levels visually appealing, challenging and meaningful and one must have some sense for overall game structure in order to build it in such a way that the flow channel of the game feels just right. Besides this, a single developer is basically forced to create games that aren't really what he wants to create. For instance shooter games, RPGs, platformers and similar stuff has to be omitted due to limited resources and time, because it's even hard for teams just to finish such a game, not to mention to polish it and make it suitable for the market. Also the quality of visual art has to be on professional level, since no serious distributor/investor and after all  gamer, will take your game seriously if it looks cheesy. And at the end, if it also taken in account that development time per project is usually measured in multiple months, you can throw all that time away if game is unsuccessful on market and this isn't rarely the case.
  2. Free or cheap visual fx creator and renderer

    yes, I know but the result is usually too cheesy, if I create stuff from scratch using particle systems in 3dsmax. What I'm looking for is premade stuff/presets, which look pretty good but can be nicely tweaked, so I'm not boxed so much. This is what I have found so far, it's what's I need and it's cheap. http://www.crystalpictures.eu/particlegen/en/ If you have anything better in mind, tell.
  3. Can you recommend me some? I need it mainly for creating fxs like explosions, muzzle flashes, trails, dust, clouds, fog... and it's going to be for a 2D game. It would be good that app is standalone program, but if it's plugin it has to work in 3ds max. thank you
  4. How to loop some chunk of a sound file, specifiend by a start and end point? thanks
  5. [AS3] Game saving/loading in a web browser

    and what's the "standard" implementation? I've been thinking about creating save() and load() function for each class , but that would mean to create many functions.
  6. How to implement game saving and loading in a web browser?
  7. Flash multiplayer suport

    problem is that game is twitch based, so bad latency means bad game.
  8. Flash multiplayer suport

    Is it possible to have a fast (UDP) server-client architecture in a flash web application without forcing client to install anything?There's some stuff in flash.net library but it's all TCP based, which isn't what i'm looking for.
  9. third person sounds

    How to make sounds sounding more distant to listener?I'm making a strategy game and all sounds I've included so far somehow don't "fit in". It's all like you're standing right at the source, which is kinda strange. Any ideas?
  10. I'm working on a flash internet-browser game and I'm not sure yet how to handle my terrain images, because of it's size. Average image size about 2048^2, and that's about 8MB for a PNG and take in account there is a dozen of levels and here we go, a memory usage and a bandwidth hit. The best would be to supply client with tiles and then prerender levels in a game, but currently that's too much for me, from technical standpoint, because it involves a lot of 3D stuff, so I rather make scene in 3DSMax and plus it will look better. Image types flash supports are: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and I don't need any transparency for terrain and I can afford some data loss at compression. Somehow obvious choice may be to render each level to a JPEG with high-quality compression and story ends. But what about slicing everything in to n*n - sized chunks and compressing each, maybe some "magic" can be done here? So what you suggest?
  11. What else to learn

    "What does "better" and "rich" mean to you?" I see it as implementing game ideas using established tools, techniques and algorithms. For instance, some time ago I got an idea about adding some AI to my game, which finds a passable, many time shortest route, from point A to point B for player.It took me some time to build it.The algorithm gave me decent results but it wasn't so fast and good as established "tool" A* algorithm is. Well if I knew that A* is what I need, I wouldn't go building my own version, but rather taking A* and extending it. So basically, I'm asking you to point me to the "established tools", before I reinvent the (bad) wheel again.
  12. What else to learn

    Can you give me some names of topics/tags/keywords that It's good to know to make my games better and rich. Here is the the stuff I've gone trough so far, so I hope this will give you idea where I am with my skills and what is the stuff I must have a look at. Math: Geometry, trigonometry (pythagora, trigonometric functions and their extension in all quadrants, vectors(unit, distant, world vectors),sum,addition, dot and cross product, and basic integration and derivation to do: quaternions, matrix transformations Programming and code design: C/C++ (i'm not touching these anymore, except if boss says so), kinda OOP style, event driven systems, I do stuff in actionscript Physics: basic kinematics (velocity, acceleration, trajectory), circling(angular speed, angular acceleration, centripetal forces), kinetic and potential energy collision detection (basic box, circular, separate axis theorem) simple particle system (basic emitter and gravity affected particles) to do: ragdoll physics (probably I won't go into building my own, but it would be cool to know some implementation) Graphics: some OpenGL/DirectX (I don't have in plan to make any games with these APIs, since I got hooked with actionscript) sprite(keyframe) animation blending, transparency, color channels, alpha... and this pixel stuff Network: Pockets, latency, updates, concept of prediction(inter- and extrapolation), but this area is out of interest since I'm not planning to include multiplayer in my games AI: A* path searching algorithm to do: learn most common algorithms and the most important, implementation. I've just started with this and i'm lovin' it.
  13. I want to know where and how could be small games sold, what are most common business models, how is statistically with income flow and the pros and cons in general... With a "small" I mean games that are usually made in Flash or Java, mostly done by a single developer, playable over internet browser or on mobile device and their size usually doesn't go over a few megs.
  14. Hello there! Could you tell me what exactly do I need to start developing games for mobile devices? I know that it's something around java micro edition, but there is tons of tools available by Sun and same for mobile phone operators. To be more specific I have in plan to start programming games for Nokia 5220 (java MIDP 2.1) and LG kf750(java MIDP 2.0), the question is do I need to learn both SDKs or there is some "universal" one, which would be very cool to have less hassle - I hope I'm not too optimistic about that because I've heard java's motto is something like "create once, run everywhere", so spending time on multiple SDKs is really last thing I want to be involved with. br
  15. How to bring a "2d real time multiplayer shooter" game in a web browser, or better said, are there any reasonable tools available to do this?The biggest problem I can see is fast network support(UDP protocol), this is why i think flash can't be used for this purpose.Maybe java or ajax? What about using some game engine and somehow connecting/integrating it with web,maybe like a plugin, so that for the user looks like that the game is run from web?If you don't know what I mean, check this: http://www.instantaction.com/. br