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  1. Your problem is quite obvious. You have tried to take on more than you chew. You simply need to hire another programmer to help you finish up. And yes, you can find other programmers who will go after your bugs and fix them. I would recommend one of the many freelancing websites. All the successful projects you mentioned were completed by at least a handful of programmers. Some of them by a small army. And here you are, trying to do it all alone. It is ok to ask for help.
  2. How can the color of the grid lines in a CListCtrl be changed?
  3. What's a good material to shield against radio waves common in residential communication equipment, such as a 2-way satellite internet system. I know cement and lead block the more dangerous rays, like x-rays, but do they also stop radio waves?
  4. Quote:Original post by Structural broaden my life experiences Oh come on now. You know you just want to meet Japanese chicks. :)
  5. Ahhh...The good old days of gdnet. When such colorful posts as "do geeks get girls" and "how do I make a mmorpg?" existed. The memories.....
  6. I'm using OpenSSL function EVP_EncryptInit, like this: EVP_EncryptInit(&ctx, EVP_aes_256_cbc(), "[key], "[iv]"); Although it is undocumented, aparently the last two parameters are of type const unsigned char*. However I have no idea how to make a variable of that type. Passing a string to either key or iv creates the error message: connot convert from const char * to const unsigned char*. Type casting doesn't work. In all the documentation I have, a string, such as "54u59kjfdjf84u56" is passed to those variables. But that does not work now.
  7. Check out www.citystates.net
  8. I had what seemed like a bug, running 2 exact copies of a python script in two threads. Now I see that the problem is perhaps that python shares variables, even between threads. So in script1 if I make a variable, named a, and asign it a value 1, then do the same in script2, only assign the value of 2, when I use a in script 1, I will get 2 while thinking I should get 1. Does python share memory in this way?
  9. CityStates, online multiplayer state-simulation game. Interface and documentation updated. www.citystates.net
  10. What is the proper way to pass command line parameters to a python script called from C++? I'm tryng this: path = "c:\\someDir\\someScript.py param1 param2 param3"; PyRun_SimpleFile(PyFile_AsFile( PyFile_FromString( path, "r")), "someScript.py"); I'm getting a "format error someScript.py, line 1" when the code is executed. Note: The strange appearannce of the 3 python function calls nested is not a bug, but required to prevent a run-time error.
  11. Many enhancments have been made. Go to www.citystates.net to read about this new web-based political strategy game.
  12. The following python code: a = [1,2,3] s = "hello %(a[0])i" % vars() Produces a KeyError. What is the proper way to format items of a list into a string. I know its possble to do this: s = "hello " + str(a[0]) But that becomes a bit combersome if there are many list elements to place in the string. [Edited by - denethor on May 12, 2005 7:44:23 PM]
  13. I'm looking for players to join my army in the online multiplayer game, CityStates. Pay starts at $.01 per day. Low yes, but as the success of the state increases your pay will also. After you join my army, now work is required on your part, and you will be earning automatically. My state is the "lobby" of the game CityStates and is poised for success since it will be frequented by both new and old players. To join my state or army, and for more information on the online game CityStates, go to www.citystates.net.
  14. www.CityStates.net Check out this web-based political strategy game. Tutorial updated.
  15. New web-based political strategy game. www.citystates.net. Give it a try, the beta test is free.