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  1. feedback: protfolio

    In addition to everything said above I have my own $0.02. If you're going to put up letters of recommendation, they should say [i]more[/i] than what your transcript and course syllabi already provide. There's nothing you can do about this now, but in the future look to cultivate real, substantial relationships with people you intend to ask for a letter of recommendation. Just a little tidbit to think about as you enter your professional career.
  2. RegEx matching difficulties

    [quote name='Servant of the Lord' timestamp='1330052975' post='4916086'] The only reason I thought it might have been possible to capture more than one, uh, "capture groups", was because over here, someone appeared to have done so. He seems to have captured '2' and 'Egg prices' with a single expression, with different parts of his one expression capturing the different matches. [/quote] You can have multiple capturing groups, but you cannot have a [i]variable[/i] amount of capturing groups. There is a key distinction. Furthermore, as the articles I linked to will show you, anything in parentheses will create a backreference (capturing group) assuming that it has not been disabled. Look at his regular expression. Notice there are two sets of matching parentheses, therefore two backreferences are created. His regular expression will always capture two groups; never more, never less.
  3. RegEx matching difficulties

    What you are attempting to do cannot be done with one regular expression. Regular expressions cannot have a variable number of capturing groups. Of course, there are multiple ways you could work around this: a simple parser, multiple regular expressions, or some other option. I highly recommend you read [url="http://www.regular-expressions.info/tutorial.html"]these tutorials on regular expressions[/url], specifically, the article on [url="http://www.regular-expressions.info/brackets.html"]grouping and backreferences[/url]. You're on the right track, but here's how I would do it. Create one regular expression that captures [i]functionName[/i] in one group and [i]parameters[/i] in a second group. By capturing the parameters with the regular expression you are assured that they are correct. Once this is done you can take the results from the [i]parameters[/i] group and parse them any way you like e.g. split the string on commas.
  4. Inventing on Principle - amazing video!

    At first I thought this was a joke, but wow, I am amazed just like everyone else. I couldn't help but laugh at his catchphrase, "but it's not good enough." He's right, those tools are far better than good enough!
  5. You're seventeen, you should slow down and think about what you are doing. For one, money is not necessary at this point. Second, why would anybody want to fund an unknown underage developer with no proven track record? You need to get something done that you can show potential backers. At most, for an iPhone project, you should only need $99, and that's [i]after[/i] you actually have a product to ship! Instead of Visual Studio Pro, use Visual Studio Express; instead a buying a Mac, visit your local community college or university and see if there are any available. By the way, if you are developing iPhone games, you can use XCode, a free Mac IDE. If you want to "sway people" to your side, then a better plan of action is a necessity.
  6. Very nice series, I'm enjoying these articles. It's great to see how you had to buckle down and get things done. That's always the hardest part, but you handled it well. I'll be looking for part three!
  7. Think through your code or step through it with a debugger to see what happens. Long story short, you're not maintaining the state between subsequent polling. What happens when I hold the [i]A[/i] button down for 2 seconds? Your program will poll the gamepad, find that [i]A[/i] is down and print out "A pressed," furthermore, the next time through (I'm still holding the button down), then your code will see that it's down but since your "flag" is set, it will jump to the [i]else[/i] block and print "A released," ad infinitum. How do you only detect presses? Maintain a last state and the current state. A button is pressed only when it is down in the current state, but up in the last state. A button is released only when it is down in the last state, but up in the current state. Example Pseudo-code: [code]while 1: lastState = currentState currentState = PollControllerState() if (lastState.ButtonA is up) and (currentState.ButtonA is down): pressed = True else if (lastState.ButtonA is down) and (currentState.ButtonA is up): released = True else // It's in the same state as the last time [/code]
  8. Mind explaining what the problem was for future readers who search for threads involving XInput?
  9. As it stands there is nothing inherently wrong with your code, but that's given the fact that we know little about the structure of your entire program. A little bit more information and description is needed in order to figure out the problem. Based upon the small sampling above, there is no problem with the logic. Although I have a bit of a recommendation. It's not necessary to poll the state of all controllers twice. Simply fold the detection of whether a controller is connected into the logic that handles input. It's only necessary to poll a controller's state once per update, seeing as it is the [i]state[/i].
  10. That about answers the question then. I'll just release the iPhone application without the ability for pre-orders.
  11. Superficially, the problem is simple, implement a pre-order system for mobile applications, the logistics, not so much. It's possible for android applications, what about the iPhone? Allowing pre-orders for android applications is not a problem as I see it. Google allows you to independently distribute your application while simultaneously releasing it on the Android Market (at least that's what I've gathered). Therefore, an online pre-order system could be setup that collects payments, allows cancellations, and eventually distributes the application through e-mail on release day. An easy route for piracy would be created, simply upload the APK to a file sharing site, but I'm not worried about that. On the other hand, it appears that Apple only allows you to independently distribute 100 applications. Therein lies the problem; is there a way to support pre-orders for my iPhone application as well?
  12. Rate your own intelligence from 1 to 10.

    [quote name='swiftcoder' timestamp='1327784660' post='4907144'] I truly wish that Promit was the only one... [/quote] QFT
  13. [quote name='Alpha_ProgDes' timestamp='1326001736' post='4900554'] If users feel that the site is going down too often or for too long then they have every right to voice their concerns. [/quote] I do not dispute their right, but almost assuredly the moderators are already well aware of their concerns. Which is why I believe our attention could be turned to something more constructive. To the same point, the original post simply struck me as a little too acerbic for my tastes. Generally I would not even comment on such a matter.
  14. I understand the point of this thread, but I can't shake the feeling that it is an unwarranted slap in the face to the creators of the site. Did you really question [i]investing[/i] your time in GDNet? They've already given so much that I feel it is disrespectful to cavil about such a small matter. A matter that they are completely aware of and actively work on everyday. If you can do it better than them, do it. If you are tired of this site, leave. Otherwise, find something more constructive to comment on.
  15. Yes, it is completely valid to call [i]glGenBuffers[/i] multiple times, as long as you call equal amounts of [i]glDeleteBuffers [/i]at some point in the future. Yes, you can copy the value as long as you have not deleted the buffer prior. When you create a vertex buffer object, you are only given a buffer identification number (ID) to work with that is valid until you delete the buffer.