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  1. Help me change my life and career.

    [quote] My post was about my experiences, which was what the OP asked for. Make an objective case instead next time. [/quote] So it's not objective, why should I be objective ? Java is great to start learning...because it's high-level as you said, and so you can get easily into programming. That will help to get into more low-level stuff later on. Really important stuff, is to learn as I said games mechanics/fundamentals of development, and Design Patterns. You will be often asked about design patterns in games interviews. That's probably more important than learning a specific language. If you have good knowledge of mechanics, design patterns and have a demo in C#, I can tell you, your chance to get a job over a guy who only knows C++, are much bigger. Making, even a small game from start to finish is, as well, much more important than the language, cause it shows you've managed to do it, and it's great value for companies. You don't have to unlearn stuff, you have to learn how to manage other stuff, that's different. I think I made a more objective case than you did, I explained what some languages are used for, so he will know if he wants to get into those languages or not.
  2. Help me change my life and career.

    Just want to know what you guys think about this. Is java a good introductory language? Should I learn it in a more formal way? Should I just go for the C++? Should I focus on a platform different from android/iOS? Should I travel to the Himalayas and become a monk? Java is a good introductory language. If you learn java, move on C# afterwards, cause it's used with Xna, and you can release game on the Xbox Live using that. The thing with C++ is that companies like to know you understand pointers, references, and some basic libraries used in common C++ development. But you should probably develop a PC game in Java using a 2d engine, and know what are the mechanics of Game Development, and Design Patterns. More over, if you want to develop a game for Android and IOS, use Unity, you can develop in it using C# or Javascript. You should Focus on PC, cause first you can develop in most of the languages on PC , you can use XNA and Unity as well. Developing for Android/IOS is usefull for knowing how to optimize your code, because the devices have limited memories and generally capacities. Most of the time, companies want you to have knowledge of such platforms for optimisation reasons and the fact that as I said, you will be aware of the devices limitations, unlike on a PC :-)
  3. Help me change my life and career.

    Well, Zoomulator, we can see by what you're saying that you REALLY need to go to proper programming jobs, and really need a degree in computer science too. First of all, Java is a great language to start with, for learning programming. You don't have to worry about the memory, so it lets you learn the OOP, Design Patterns, and the logic of programming easily. You don't see why any body would learn that, well it's because you don't have any solid knowledge about its uses....Java is used in many websites, big companies that have databases, etc...because you got the magic J2EE that lets you do all of that easily. How do you think the big supermarket manages their resources, etc...They have software using J2EE and Database. Second, Python is a good language, and it seems obvious you don't have any clue how to use it. Python is great for pre-processing datas in games (and probably more in general). Python is also incorporated in Blender, and lets you write your own script to export datas from Blender...which can be quite usefull for games development. You can combine Python and C# when writing such tools. C# is used a lot for writing Tools, such as Level Editor, Sprite Editor, because it incorporates Windows Main Forms, and it's really easy to learn and use. I know really good and experienced programmers who use C# for their tools, Python as the scripting language of their C++ game. C++ is the main language for games, although android uses java, and the mobile games were developed in java using the J2ME template a few years back. When Zoomulator puts Python, Java and C# in the same bag, it just shows he doesn't know the difference in terms of how/when to use those languages. I bet he would put Lua in the same bag. Python/Lua are scripting language, you can make games with them, it's true, but it's not designed for that. And FYI Zoomulator, Sony uses Lua (yeah a scripting language with a shit Garbage Collector, My God), for programming gameplay state in one of their last game...so you see The croaker, even such a language is used by a big games company. I have worked for 4 games companies in 4 years, first one was making Java games on mobile...they were Konami, the 3 other ones were using Lua and C++. the last one was using C# for Tools, and Python for pre-processing datas. So Yeah, the thing is it all depends on what you want to do. I recommand reading books, etc...and create programme on your own to learn. If you want to do C++, it's a big step, but You need to really download games example, etc...study the code to see how they do it.