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  1. I'm using DirectX 7 and I have a 3D Max model exported to a .X file. I played with the exporter settings but unfortunately I get an unhandled exception and windows triggering a breakpoint (after ending a scene). The unhandled exception occurs during CD3DFile* pFileObject = new CD3DFile(); if( FAILED( pFileObject->Load( strFileName ) ) ) -> this part. anybody knows how to fix this? Update: the Windows has triggered a breakpoint is caused. The Call Stack last called ntdll.dll [Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, ...] [Edited by - Revin122 on March 9, 2008 10:21:36 PM]
  2. Revin122

    Programmer To Designer

    I mean by ok/safe if people will at least acknowledge the work if they decide to use it. Yeah, thats what copyrights are for (reading about them right now). Well for now, I just want to be a better designer. Hone the skills needed to be at least competent enough for the industry.
  3. Revin122

    Programmer To Designer

    Thanks for the site...I've been learning a lot. Hopefully, my career will shift to programmer to designer someday. Question: -Is it ok/safe to post your game document design online? Since as a programmer, he/she can just easily showcase his/her work by just uploading the executable project and not the code itself.
  4. Revin122

    Programmer To Designer

    yeah I have game design books already but I don't have that one yet...Thanks for the site...I've bookmarked it right now... Any more insights, suggestions, help?
  5. Revin122

    Programmer To Designer

    ah yes I forgot about that. I've added sketches on how I conceptualize the game will be. Of course, there will be changes as time goes by. Thanks for the tip
  6. Hi, I'm currently a programmer at a gaming company but I finally found my calling of being a designer. I love designing games either from someone else's idea or my very own concept. I've been making my game design document and passing them to the company. I've already passed one and currently making another. Any tips on how to improve being a designer? Is it really bad to put more technical aspect in a game design document? Should I use more marketing value of it instead of looking at it on using the latest technologies available (or what is used/use/will use in the office)? Thanks for the replies.
  7. Revin122

    Load and Play Avi (with sound) C++

    It's for C++...the no GUI one...
  8. Revin122

    Your programming snack foods

    marshmallows, chocolates, leche' flan, MSG infested junkfoods, preservative filled cup noodles, fattening doughnuts, etc. (if I'm lucky...some sashimi and tuna makis) with tons of Pepsi at hand...
  9. Anyone know how to do this using VFW and not DirectShow? Can you lead me to references/samples/ tutorials? I can't seem to find anything around that helpful especially to a complete noob on AVI rendering. Thanks
  10. when I used .c_str() to the string it came out as "cannot convert from 'const char *' to 'LPTSTR'"
  11. I'm having trouble on converting std::string to a char* always say cannot convert...I tried to use the = operator and strcpy... But is there a way to convert the string to LPTSTR immediately...I need it for my output in a function I made that needs a LPTSTR output with a string input. I'm trying to convert it to char* but still cannot convert.
  12. I can't seem to blow my movie to a full screen. And Does anyone know how to use the RECT for playing the movie in there? There is always an application title that shows on my app. Thanks. Here is part of the code: HRESULT hr = CoInitialize(NULL); if (FAILED(hr)) { printf("Could not initialize the COM library.\n"); return; } { // Scope for smart pointers. // Create the Filter Graph Manager. CComPtr<IGraphBuilder> pGraph; hr = pGraph.CoCreateInstance(CLSID_FilterGraph); if (FAILED(hr)) { printf("Could not create the Filter Graph Manager.\n"); return; } // Query for interfaces. CComQIPtr<IMediaControl> pControl(pGraph); CComQIPtr<IMediaEventEx> pEvent(pGraph); CComQIPtr<IVideoWindow> pFS(pGraph); //IVideoWindow *pFullScreen = NULL; // Build the graph. (Make sure to use a real file name!) hr = pGraph->RenderFile(L"Example.avi", NULL); hr = pFS->get_FullScreenMode(&lMode); hr = pFS->put_FullScreenMode(lMode); if (FAILED(hr)) { printf("Could not build the graph.\n"); return; } // Run the graph. hr = pControl->Run();
  13. When I started compiling asked for those .h then when I did, it still shows...I'm currently working on a dshow.h and atlbase.h #include <dshow.h> #include <tchar.h> - tried removing it still the same #include <strsafe.h> #include <atlbase.h> void main(void) { ....... }
  14. Revin122

    Video with Audio

    I was able to load and play an AVI file but the audio isn't included which I'm trying to fix. I've tried the one specified at the tutorial but it didn't work and let my program hang. What's a good way of buffering the audio easily and play it immediately? I'm using C++...
  15. Revin122

    Following a line

    Oh...I forgot to mention that the line isn't just a straight has edges and curves before going to it's other end. a road map direction map or something like that. yes I'm using C++
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