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  1. New 2D Game Development Toolkit - NAS2D

    Yes iOS and Android support is planned. More then likely the task will fall to me. Once I finish some of the new renderer work, I'll take a look at adding iOS support.
  2. Hi guys,   I wanted to introduce our new 2D game development toolkit/sdk called NAS2D. You can read more about it at   A little about NAS2D:     NAS2D is an open source, object oriented 2D game development framework written in portable C++. It was designed to make the development of games easier by providing a high-level interface. It handles the low-level tasks of setting up the video display, input, sound mixing, file loading, etc. One of the primary goals of NAS2D was to be cross-platform. A lot of effort has gone into the code to make it as platform independant as possible. The few areas that are different from platform to platform are completely hidden from the interface and is virtually transparent to the user. NAS2D is powered by several well known low level libraries including OpenGL, SDL, and PhysFS to name a few.   Thank you.
  3. Using Cocoa to render a 2D TileSet Map

    Hey guys, I have been exploring in order to teach myself Cocoa, how to implement a Map editor. I am trying to logically lay out the rendering of the 2D tile map. The issue I am having is if I use Cocoa drawing and NSImages, if my view is a subview of a NSScrollView, the scrolling is incredibly slow. This may be the way in which I am actually rendering it out as each time drawRect: is called in the drawing view (mapView) it loops through the tiles and draws them. Originally it was all tiles but I have since limited it to the rect that is passed into drawRect:. Without going to OGL where should I be looking to improve this performance? I can post code after I get home if needed. Anyone with Cocoa experience have any thoughts?
  4. Lets talk about MMO development...

    I think the project I am currently working on knows what its capable of. We started out as a pure MMO scope (Typical I know...) but have since downgraded to a singleplayer mode first then migrate from there. It is definitely no easy task, but can be done.
  5. OpenGL Opengl 3.0

    I will be there at the Vicon booth! Just got an internship with a guy down at House of Moves =D