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  1. Ok thanks a lot... i will try it :D
  2. Hi guys! Is there a way to get from a keyboard input, or a combination of them, the respective char ? ( on windows system ). What i want to know is if there's already an automatic way to get character like ')' or '(' without take care about shift management. I've found GetKeyboardState() but in that case i have to manage special key ( like shift,ctrl and so on ) to get the correct char. Someone can help me ?
  3. Hi guys. Working on my game i found that my Data Information ( Pg, Enemy, Items and so on ) it's a real mess!! I'm using c/c++ and every time i need a table i have to wrote a new class. For example if i need a new table for my db like a Car i'll wrote this. class Car { public: int speed; int acceleration; ..... } Then when the game is initialized i read from an xml file ( Car.xml ) all car tuples. ( So i have to wrote the loadFromXml method for every table ). If i want to do a specific query i have to create a new method everytime. I was thinking to use something like sqllite and move all my table structure from code to a real DB but i don't know if this is a good idea ( speaking of performance and other aspects ) . How others engines manage these stuffs ? (For example UE3). Any suggestions ? Thanks :D
  4. HI all ^^. I'm looking for any reference that can talk to me about Design Patterns applied to game development. Can you help me ? thanks :P
  5. I have a dll of my engine. Now i have to use it to develop a tool. I want to program this tool in c#.net but the dll was programmed in c++. How i can do this? ( sorry for bad english -_- )
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