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  1.   Should I do that for the outer loop as well?    Edit: Ignore this, I got what you meant. 
  2. I thought I'd try my hand at adding buttons pragmatically using arrays. I have this little function that I thought would work well enough:  private bool createButtons() { bool bButtonsCreated = false; int row = NumPad.RowCount; int col = NumPad.ColumnCount; int i = 1; int j = 1; int num = (i * j); for (i = 1; i < row; i++) { for(j = 1; i < col; j++) { // set the text for the buttons. CalcButtons = new Button[num]; CalcButtons[num] = new Button(); CalcButtons[num].Text = "7"; CalcButtons[num - 1].Text = "8"; CalcButtons[num - 2].Text = "9"; CalcButtons[num - 3].Text = "4"; CalcButtons[num - 4].Text = "5"; CalcButtons[num - 5].Text = "6"; CalcButtons[num - 6].Text = "1"; CalcButtons[num - 7].Text = "2"; CalcButtons[num - 8].Text = "3"; CalcButtons[num].Size = new Size(60, 60); } } if(CalcButtons[num] != null) { bButtonsCreated = true; NumPad.Container.Add(CalcButtons[num]); } else { MessageBox.Show("Buttons not created", "Error", MessageBoxButtons.OK); } return bButtonsCreated; } However, as you can see, it gives out an indexOutOfBounds exception:      What can I do to fix this? Is this the right way to use arrays to do this? 
  3. I'm trying to make an about book using C#. Now, I used a template for it. I edited the assembly description in the properties window. The text shows up in design mode, however, when the application is ran the description box is empty. What can I do to fix this?    Could using .NET 4.0 be the reason for this bug? Is it even a bug or an error on my part? I'm using visual studio 2013.   Design mode:     Application running.      please let me know if you need anything else. 
  4. I was able to use Direcr3D9's debug layer when I was using windows 7. I had to switch to windows 10 because it (windows 7) couldn't find the drivers automatically for my hardware, which included the network card to get online so I was screwed. I could just use Direct3D9 without a debug layer but that will make it harder to know when something messed up, such as not releasing  com objects, devices, surfaces. That's the thing. 
  5. Okay, do I have Graphics tools installed:      I'm trying to use Direct3D9's debugging layer. I've set it up in the control panel as you can see:     And I have Debugging info enabled in Visual Studio:     How do I fix this issue? Cause even though that is all set up, nothing gets written to the output window.  
  6. Okay, I downloaded the graphics tools and everything works now. Thanks to everyone for putting up with me.
  7. So in other words, to use the Debugging layer on windows 10, I would need to install visual studio 2015?
  8. After all that, it still doesn't work when using the debugging flag. Am I missing something? I was getting the error with the application verifier checked off and it installed the windows 8 SDK. I'm not sure what else to do to get this to work using the debug layer. I guess getting windows 10 as soon as it came out was a bad idea....(I heard the risks but I still downloaded it when they offered it for free.) Not really sure where to from here.    P.S. sorry for double posting.
  9. Okay, you know what? I give up on this project. I removed the debug flag and it worked. However, the debug flag is important to weed out errors. I searched for the D3D11_1SDKLayers.dll and it finds it on my PC. so I do have it. I did try to install windows 8 SDK but get error 2753. I've tried to find an answer for that error but couldn't find one that actually worked. Maybe I didn't try hard enough? I'm tired right now so I may search more about this error later.
  10. Well it looks like I do have the D3D11SDKLayers.dll:     What now? If it shows that I have these layers, how can I get this to work? Also, I tried to install windows 8 SDK and got the error 2753. Just need some advice here. I'll keep looking but could still use some help.
  11. I should have mentioned I have windows 10 installed.....I may need to reformat my PC and reinstall windows 7. Damn it. I'm such an idiot.
  12.   *Face palm!* I am such an idiot. LOL. Also, is the Direct3D 12 SDK even out yet? Or did microsoft go a different route with it? The SDK hasn't been updated in years....
  13.   Ah I see, I need to install windows SDK for windows 10. Silly me.     Okay, I installed windows SDK 10 but it still didn't work. Let me keep trying.
  14.   Ah I see, I need to install windows SDK for windows 10. Silly me.
  15.   It says this:     This is annoying me if I can't figure it out.
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