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  1. metalmidget

    Checking out OurBricks

    Worked fine for me in chrome 15.0.874.121. Looks cool, I like it!
  2. metalmidget

    Make a mathematical vector class already!

    [quote name='JTippetts' timestamp='1314156068'] The problem I have with vector classes is that everyone has one. I've got projects on my drive that link to three or more libraries that all include their own vector classes. Whose vector class do I use? When I write a stand-alone library that can be used by others, do I include yet another vector class? What about gluing various libraries together? Do I need to write converters to convert between vector classes to ensure that alignments between implementations are the same? And so forth. I really want One Vector Class To Rule Them All, and for everyone to use it. [/quote] Well if you're using DX, the obvious choice would be to use D3DX, which gives you vectors, matrices, the whole package.
  3. I have to agree with the general sentiment so far. I loved the old dailies, and read every one since Trent started them. Like people have said, it was the human touch that made it worth reading. The current format is a bit cold, and the liking system doesn't seem to be working very well. That said, the biggest value on gdnet has always been the community, and I guess the staff need to make a judgment on whether the benefits of bringing back the old style (or something similar) are worth the large amount of time it would undoubtedly take.
  4. metalmidget

    Negative Reputation

    There's always the stackexchange system, where downvoting costs you a tiny bit of your own rep? Makes it so that the focus is heavily on upvoting, and downvoting is only used for truly bad content. Would also provide a pretty good deterrent for downvote-rampaging. EDIT: Also, I agree with pretty much everything shadowisadog said, 2 posts up.
  5. metalmidget

    Bump to Say RSS in Effect

    Hmmm. I don't have 'Manage RSS Import' in that drop down. I have View Journal, Post New Entry, Manage Settings, Manage Categories, Manage Comments, and Delete Journal... Maybe it's a GDNet+ feature? ... Ahh yes, it says [url="http://www.gamedev.net/subscribe"]here[/url], under GDNet+ Benefits "[color=#3E4934][size=2]Import blog entries from your existing blog [i]via RSS".[/i][/size][/color] [color=#3E4934][size=2][i] [/i][/size][/color] So there you go. I don't feel so silly for not being able to find it now!
  6. metalmidget

    Bump to Say RSS in Effect

    [font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2]Hmmm, not sure I can find the right setting for this. On the journal settings page, the closest thing I could find was 'Journal Sharing'. I ticked the 'Allow Others' box, and put 'OcularSoftware' into the feedburner box, but that just seems to change the RSS link, not import entries from that feed.[/size][/font][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2]Where exactly is the import setting?[/size][/font]
  7. metalmidget

    Reposting stuff from my own site

    Thanks! I'll check it out.
  8. metalmidget

    Reposting stuff from my own site

    From now on I'm probably going to do most, if not all, of my blogging on my own site over at ocularsoftware.com, but I'll try to remember to repost everything here, too. Here's my first post, it features a polar bear! http://www.ocularsoftware.com/2011/07/a-new-project/
  9. metalmidget

    Lab rats needed!

    Oh, ummm, really? Never seen gfy before, assumed it meant Go F**k Yourself... The internet has trained me to expect assholes! In that case, sorry for the misunderstanding, and thanks for your time
  10. metalmidget

    Lab rats needed!

    Uhh, not sure if you've heard the term 'lab rat' before, but it just refers to someone participating in a scientific study. It's not an offensive term. I didn't 'call you a rat', nor did I try to pressure anyone or ask anything unreasonable. This is just me, as a favour to a friend, asking if anyone could spare some time to help. If you're not interested, then just move along and forget about it. No need to get upset.
  11. metalmidget

    Lab rats needed!

    A friend of mine is currently writing her psychology thesis on MMORPGs and their effects on players, and needs volunteers to take her ~20min survey. As anyone who has done graduate studies will tell you, finding people to participate in your study is one of the hardest parts of writing a thesis (or dissertation or whatever it is you're writing), especially if you don't have a budget to compensate people for their time. So if you're a MMORPG player and have a little bit of spare time, please consider taking the survey and/or mentioning it to your fellow players, whether they be guild members or IRL friends. You can find a quick description of the study, and a link to the actual survey from this facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=106373876123488 cheers, Cam
  12. metalmidget

    Reflecting on 10 years of working with GDNet

    Congrats on your milestone, and thanks for all the work you do! When I was in my final year of high school I was still making games in VB6 and hanging out at vbforums haha. I think I discovered this place shortly after. Although, that was only 4-5 years ago, not 10
  13. metalmidget

    Details on GameDev.net Content Partnerships

    Maybe it's just from the heart?
  14. metalmidget

    Details on GameDev.net Content Partnerships

    Love the idea of affiliate stuff, sounds like you all genuinely want to deliver more for your members Are there any plans for gdnet to to focus more on one area at all? Been a while since I've spent solid time hanging around the forums but traditionally most questions have been graphics (especially DX/OGL) related haven't they?
  15. metalmidget

    GameDev.net Community Challenge!

    I agree that the game is probably better without health. A one-time-use type thing could be good. And everything else you said sounds good too. One other very important thing: an online leader board!!! Just look at the crazyness around games like N. So much more satisfying getting an awesome score if you know you just beat someone else out of the top 10 or something. Kiwi, I hate to be an evangelist, but have you considered unity? You would only have to write the game once, and with very little tweaking, be able to deploy to web, desktop (mac and windows), and for $400 each, iPhone and Android. The only limitation being that you would probably want iOS and android devices to test on, and that Mr Jobs demands you buy a Mac to develop apps on. But there's nothing to stop you from building the game, make some cash from a desktop version, and then reinvest that in getting it onto mobiles. Might make it easier to do some things too. Collision is as easy as: Drag and drop Collider and Rigidbody components onto your GameObjects. Tick the boxes to set them as kinematic and triggers. Write OnTriggerEnter() functions for each type of object. Again, sorry to spruik it so much, but I can't help it, Unity is teh awesomes.
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