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  1. You will need to read up about 'packages' Java uses packages as an extra level of encapsulation. You'll probably find that by default Netbeans placed your code into a helloworldapp package. As a result to run that file you'd run it from outside the hellowordapp directory and type java hellowordapp.Hello i.e. A Class (SomeClass) in package com.somedomain.somepackage resides in a path com/somedomain/somepage/SomeClass.java
  2. With this years releases of Intel's dual core chips I've started thinking about thread safety more. I spent my working hours on a massively threaded realtime application but this is only on a single CPU. I've never programmed on a multicore cpu (Save a P4 hyperthreading one). How do mutexes ensure thread safety when there are multiple CPU's that are running threads. For instance void some_function() { pthread_mutex_lock(&somelock); //Do something pthread_mutex_unlock(&somelock); } On a single CPU system, calling a lock that is an atomic operation (By disabling interrupts briefly??) ensures that the lock is obtained (if possible) and even in the event of a thread switch, as the locking operating is atomic it ensures that only one thread can get the lock. However, with 2 or more CPU's that are executing in ACTUAL parrallel, how is this ensured?? Is there extra instructions which disable thread switches throughout all CPU's etc..
  3. gommo

    What do you guys think of Java?

    Java is great language, as is c++, c#, python etc.... For good free IDE's use netbeans 4.0 or eclipse. One thing you should learn is to compile using ANT (ant.apache.org). Netbeans and I'm prety sure eclipse, base their project off of ant scripts these days.
  4. gommo

    Plain and Simple

    Visual C++ express edition. Search for express edition on msdn.microsoft.com . Thats free at the moment (Its in beta)
  5. gommo

    static varible question

    You have declared gold to be static. That means it belongs to the file that it is declared in and cannot be accessed from outside that file.
  6. gommo

    Linked List class

    Your passing your data into your nodes by an address. So your node has a pointer to the stack at the point where (in your example) '2' is. Then when you are trying to access it later who knows whats in that location.
  7. gommo

    Source Code Help

    Your guess variable isn't initialised either, so in the first iteration of while(guess != num) what is guess??
  8. Your wish will be granted when longhorn finally arrives. (2007???) :)
  9. gommo

    New standard language?

    Slightly off topic but for those with bandwidth do a search for 'the dot net show' on google. The last few episodes have been on longhorn, and you get to see what advantages windows will have once it is released. More of a .net point rather than C# but you know....
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